School Board Takes Action October 2022

At its October 17 regular meeting, the Ashland School Board approved a new administrative regulation ACB_AR Every Student Belongs that outlines the procedures for responding to complaints of bias against students, staff, or others in the school district community. This procedure is a companion to the Policy ACB Every Student Belongs that the Board passed in September. These continue the Board’s ongoing commitment to being open and inclusive to all students.

The Board also received the annual Division 22 Community Report from Superintendent Bogdanove. Following a brief period of discussion, the Board commended the district staff for continuing to be in good standing on most standards. Ashland is lagging a bit behind on the state schedule of curriculum adoption but has plans to approve new mathematics curriculum this year, review its online curriculum for potential review next year, and defer final adoption of English Language Arts for an additional year. The District also fell short of the required number of minutes devoted to formal Physical Education activities, as do many districts in Oregon. The mandated minutes to not take into account other forms of vigorous activity and implementing this policy would impact the ability to deliver instruction on core subjects.

Finally, the at its October 24 meeting, the Board approved school year calendars for 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 These are posted on district and school web pages.