Facility Rentals

Ashland School District


  1. The primary purpose and use of school and related buildings is the education of students. School programs and other school-related activities take precedence over non-school group use.

  2. Types of permitted non school activities:

  • Athletic or activity programs from schools in Ashland School District;

  • Programs for District students involved in clubs associated with school programs;

  • Community youth and adult teams, club or activities sponsored through the Ashland Parks and Recreation Department or the Ashland Family YMCA;

  • Adult or youth programs (clubs or teams) not sponsored by any of the above

  1. Schedules will not be changed to accommodate a non-school activity.

  2. Use of classrooms will be at the discretion of the district administration.

  3. A building supervisor, custodian or district staff member may be required to be on duty for the activity scheduled for this site.

  4. Use of tobacco or alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted on the premises.

  5. Approval for use of this facility shall not be considered an endorsement of a group or organization, or the view and purposes they represent.

  6. The superintendent or other district administrator may refuse use of a facility when it is- not in the best interests of the district.

Application Process
1. All requests for use of district buildings or grounds are to be submitted to the District Office on the "Application for Use of District Facilities." This includes one-time use, continuous or repeated use, and requests involving fundraisers.

2. The "Application for Use of District Facilities" should be submitted at least (10) business days prior to the event, and may be approved or denied based on the following guidelines:

a. Requests involving personal gain (any fee beyond that necessary to recover expenses) or high risk shall be referred to the superintendent or his/her designee for a decision on the matter. All fees for these special uses (rental, custodial, hazard security, etc.) must be paid in advance.
b. A district employee must be on duty during building use. Should the activity occur during
non-duty hours, a school employee shall be hired. The user shall pay the district for providing the school employee as indicated in the
Rental Fee Schedule July 2023 form. This rule may be waived if other arrangements are approved by the Director of Finance and Operations.
c. Fees are payable in advance at the district office, except when prior arrangements for payment
are approved by the Superintendent or Superintendent Designee.
d. Final arrangements must be completed by the user with the involvement of the District Office at least five business days prior to the activity.

Applications & Inquiries should be submitted to Scott.Chadick@ashland.k12.or.us