Health and School Safety

The Ashland School District's Healthy and Safe Schools Plan outlines the comprehensive strategies employed to ensure a safe and secure environment across all district facilities. The Plan is under the competent administration of the Director of Maintenance & Facilities. The district strictly adheres to Oregon's state regulations for testing and mitigating elevated levels of lead in water used for drinking and food preparation. It ensures compliance with the EPA’s guidelines on lead paint by exclusively contracting certified renovation contractors or utilizing certified district staff. In alignment with federal regulations, the Ashland School District diligently follows the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), with all necessary asbestos management plans readily available upon request. A well-detailed radon plan is in place, ensuring community members have unfettered access to both the plan and test results online. The district further fortifies its safety measures with an adopted Integrated Pest Management plan and adherence to state carbon monoxide detection standards. The timely publication of test results assures transparency and public access within ten business days, with specific results for various safety metrics available on the district's website.

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