Volunteer in the Schools

Covid Update:
Dear Ashland Parents, Caregivers & Family Members,

In the best of times, our schools are full of volunteers from families and communities that help us with all kinds of things: copying, picture day, reading with students, running small groups, chaperoning field trips just to name a few.

2022-23 continues to present us with Covid-19 related challenges. The safety measures we have in place to ensure that our students are able to continue learning in person are important to maintain. The measures that directly impact our volunteers include:

  • Complete a District Background Check, and provide documentation of vaccination against Covid-19. Please notify the school office if you need to request a religious or medical exception.

  • Masks may be required for volunteers and staff depending on county COVID illness rates and recommendations of local health authority.

Thank you so much for your willingness to continue to support our schools and keep our students healthy and safe!

How To Become a Volunteer: 

Step 1:
Complete the Volunteer Registration Form, which includes Notice of Background Check forms
Once completed, please submit the forms and a copy of your driver’s license to the Office Manager of the school where the volunteer position is needed. Forms may also be mailed or faxed to the school office. If no school is specified, forms may be submitted to 885 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, OR 975250
Once you have passed your background check, you are clear to apply to volunteer for any position throughout the school year. No additional background check is necessary, however; it is necessary to repeat this process each school year.

Step 2:
The state of Oregon is requiring all volunteers in schools to be vaccinated. To be cleared as a volunteer in the Ashland School District, you must first submit copies of the front and back of your vaccination card to the Office Manager of the school . Please notify the school office if you need to request a religious or medical exception.

Step 3:
Mark your calendar with the agreed upon days and times. Please note that certain positions require training and a time commitment. Make sure you can fulfill the volunteer commitments before agreeing to the position.
Be prompt and dependable. Call ahead if you are ill or unable to keep your appointed times. When you commit to volunteering, people are depending on you.