Ashland School District believes that the Comprehensive Counseling and Behavioral Health plan is an essential and integral part of the overall educational process kindergarten through grade twelve. 

The guidance staff includes a Counseling and Behavior Health Coordinator, Behavior Health Specialists, Mental Health Counselors, Certified School Counselors, as well as Child Development Specialists (CDSs) that bring expertise from areas outside of the school setting. 

Ashland School District's Counseling and Behavioral Health team make significant contributions each day to Ashland’s primary educational mission: empowering students to be lifelong learners, responsible citizens and stewards of the world. Most directly, they support the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan of the District by providing all students with activities and services that facilitate and enhance their academic, career, personal and community development. Additional specialists including school nurses and youth advocates support the program through responsive services such as counseling, relationship building and health choices education. 

While Ashland's Counseling and Behavioral Health team is available to respond to the unique needs of each student, all students along with their parents receive the full benefits of the program’s guidance activities and services at all levels, K-12.


Counseling and Behavioral Health Program Director:
Erika Bare, Assistant Superintendent | 541-482-2438

Counseling and Behavioral Health Coordinator:
Diane Berry | 541-482-8771 ext. 2115