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Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Oregon: A Brief Overview

Oregon's Transformative SEL Framework and Standards are a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering holistic development in students and educators alike. This comprehensive approach centers around the belief that learning is inherently a social and emotional process, deeply intertwined with the development of healthy identities, empathy, supportive relationships, and responsible decision-making.

Key Components of the Framework:

  1. Guiding Principles: The framework is anchored in five guiding principles that underscore its implementation:

    • Culturally Responsive: Acknowledging and integrating students' cultural knowledge and experiences into teaching and learning.

    • Community Responsive: Centering the diverse experiences and contexts of the community.

    • Strengths-Based: Focusing on the individual and systemic strengths that promote well-being.

    • Trauma-Informed: Recognizing the impact of oppression and trauma and fostering healing and wellness through relationships.

    • Grounded in Neuroscience: Aligning educational practices with the latest insights from neuroscience and the science of learning.

  2. Conditions for Learning & Thriving: The framework emphasizes the creation of equitable environments that support learning and well-being through authentic partnerships, equitable policies, and thriving learning environments.

  3. Adult Transformative SEL: Prioritizing the social and emotional competence of educators is crucial for them to effectively nurture SEL in students.

  4. Student Transformative SEL: Students are encouraged to develop and practice key skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Purpose and Impact:

The Transformative SEL Framework is designed to create a cohesive statewide approach to SEL, building on existing efforts to provide a well-rounded education that respects and nurtures the whole child. It aims to equip students with the skills necessary for success in college, career, and life, while also fostering a sense of belonging, agency, and curiosity about the society they aspire to shape.

In summary, Oregon's Transformative SEL Framework and Standards represent a holistic and inclusive approach to education, aiming to transform learning environments into spaces where every student and educator can thrive, both emotionally and academically.

Oregon Transformative SEL Framework and Standards

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K-5 Second Choice: Second Step Social-Emotional Learning Programs

6-12 Second Choice: Character Strong Social Emotional Learning and Character Education


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