Student Success Act & ESSER

The Oregon Legislature passed and the Governor signed the $2 billion Student Success Act (HB3427) in the Spring of 2019. This is an historic and much needed investment in K-12 schools. Ashland School District is expecting to have access to an estimated $2.3 million per year through a state application process.
School districts are required to apply for funds and must demonstrate community engagement prior to application.
In March of 2018, the Ashland School District reached out to staff, parents and community members to assess our priorities and develop our 2018-23 
Pathways to Excellence Strategic Plan.  We plan to utilize our Strategic Plan, our Equity Policy and feedback received from our community in developing our grant proposal.

The state funds will have two purposes:

  1.  Meet Students' mental and behavioral health needs.

  2.  Increase academic achievement and reduce academic disparities for:

  • ​Students of color

  • Students with disabilities

  • Emerging bilingual students

  • Students navigating poverty, homelessness, and foster care; and other students that have historically experienced disparities in our schools.​

SIA 2023-2024 Agreement
SIA 2020-2022 Agreement
SIA DRAFT Revised Budget  
SIA Integrated Planning Tool-PDF
SIA Plan   
SSA Talking Points
SSA Committee Agenda 12/13/2019
SSA Committee Agenda  12/17/2019
SSA Committee Agenda  01/09/2020
SSA Committee Pictures
SSA Planning Group
ESSER III Integrated Planning Tool_ASD
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The Student Success Act: 
Community Presentation

The purpose of these new funds:  
Student Investment Account

Ashland School District's project plan:  
Student Success Flow Chart

Flow Chart