Demographer's Report

The needs of our school district are significantly impacted by the number of students we serve. This includes facility and staffing needs, and has a variety of programmatic impacts. It is also important to note that school funding in the state of Oregon is based on annual enrollment.  Understanding demographic trends and projecting the future make-up of our community is a critical tool for district planning.

Since the previous demographer’s report in 2016, a number of factors appear to have impacted enrollment including:

  • Limited housing availability and the Almeda fire

  • The COVID economy and inflation

  • The sunset of the Oregon Open Enrollment law that allowed free enrollment transfers between district boundaries through the 2018-19 school year

These factors made it clear that an updated study was necessary for planning. 

In Fall of 2022, the District contracted with Flo Analytics to complete a post-pandemic demographic study.  The lead demographer, Charles Rynerson, has served as lead on several previous studies for Ashland. 


To view the 2022 Demographer's Report, CLICK HERE.

To view the 2016 Demographer's Report, CLICK HERE.