2022-2023 Classified Staff Work Day Calendar

These calendars indicate work days and paid holidays during the 2021-2022 school year. Ashland School District schedules several customary vacation/recess periods during the school year. Following each of these periods, we expect that you will return and continue your employment. You may be asked by your supervisor to work beyond these days. If so, record your hours in Frontline Time and Attendance.

183 Day Work Calendar 22-23

Crossing Guard // K-12 Food Service Worker // Transportation – Bus Driver

185 Day Work Calendar 22-23 Cafeteria Mgr

K-12 Cafeteria Manager & Food Svc Warehouse // Warehouse

185 Day Work Calendar 22-23

K-12 Educational Assistant // K-12 Youth Advocate // College & Career Specialist // After School Activities Coordinator

203 Day Work Calendar 22-23

AMS Registrar // K-12 Technical Services Coordinator // Transportation Secretary II // K-12 Secretary I & II // AHS Theatre Coordinator // Special Education Clerk

207 Day Work Calendar 22-23

K-5 Office Manager // Athletic Office Manager // Courier // IT Support Specialist I & II

213 Day Work Calendar 22-23

AHS Bookkeeper // AHS Registrar