Classified Staff - OSEA Chapter 42

The District and OSEA Chapter 42 have formed a classification review committee, as outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. For more information on the classification review process, 

Article 16

Section E

Classification Review Committee - The Classification Review Committee is constituted for the purpose of reviewing employee re- classification requests and shall comply with the following guidelines:


  1. The Committee shall be established by September 30 of each year.

  2. The Committee shall be comprised of three (3) classified employees and three (3) administrators. The District and Association shall select their own member representatives. The parties may mutually agree to have an outside consultant assist with the process.

  3. Classified employees serving on this Committee shall not review their own re-classification request.

  4. The Committee shall meet two times a year after work hours; once in October and once in February.

  5. The Committee shall use the Classification Flowchart (Appendix B ) as the process for determining re- classification decisions. Any other committee procedures will be determined mutually by the parties during the meeting.