Teacher Resources for Assuring Online Materials Meet Accessibility Requirements 

Universal Design for Online Lesson Planning and Learning Resources 

Opportunity, Equity, Access 

Read these articles to learn how to use UDL with distance learning.  


Website Accessibility for Every Learner 
5 Quick Ways to Self-check the Accessibility of a Website  
What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Website Accessibility 
Is My Website ADA Compliant? How to Check (and Update) Your Site  

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool 
Let’s you quickly evaluate your website for accessibility 

Google Lighthouse – for web developers 
How to Use 
What is Google Lighthouse and How TO 


Canvas Accessible Courseware for Every Learner 

Seven Steps for Making Your Canvas Course More Accessible  

Creating Accessible Content in Canvas - video 

Creating Accessible Courses with Design Tools for Canvas – video 

7 Simple Steps to Making Content Accessible in Canvas – video 


Creating Accessible PDF Files for Every Learner 
What Is An Accessible PDF? Layman's Explanation, Example 
CommonLook PDF Validator – Free Adobe Acrobat Pro Plugin 


Making Accessible Smore Newsletters 
Need help accessing your District Smore account? Contact ASD student services 
Tips for Smore ADA and Interactive Accessibility 


Instructional materials for students that experience visual impairment, blindness, hardness of hearing or deafness SOESD - Special Education | Low-Incidence Regional Program 

SOESD provides a host of assistive technology and instructional materials solutions for students on 504 plans or IEPs who need them.  SOESD can assist in generating large print and braille for your teacher made materials, and also has solutions for students that experience other types of disability requiring modified materials 

Start by contacting ASD student services if you have a student that has special instructional materials needs including braille, large print and more.   

Do you have a student with Assistive or Adaptive Technology needs? 
Contact ASD student services for how to evaluate and address AT needs.