403(b) Retirement Plan

403(b) RETIREMENT PLAN (pre-tax benefit)
Eligible employees can enroll in a 403(b) plan at anytime during the year, NOT just during open enrollment.

Eligibility: All permanent employees, tutors, substitute classified employees, retirees on Section 1039 contracts and temporary employees on extra duty contracts. Participation is mandatory for some employees (see Features and Highlights). This is the one benefit that can be changed throughout the year.

Harfst and Associates will be giving a 403b plan presentation and answer any questions you may have during open enrollment on the following dates.
Thursday, November 18th at 4:30pm – Join via Zoom

Meeting ID: 838 4374 8836

Passcode: 434838

Tuesday, November 23rd at 4:30pm – Join via Zoom

Meeting ID: 840 0125 3298

Passcode: 904207

View Features and Highlights of the 403(b) Plan to familiarize yourself with the plan. Your contributions are invested in the Nationwide Financial Fund Window.

To rollover money from an IRA or a prior employer’s qualified plan, contact:
                                                Kendra McFarlane
                                                Premier RPS
                                                (503) 482-7608
Once your account is established, you will receive quarterly statements from Nationwide.