Students protected under ADA and Section 504

Equity and Access to School Services, Programs, and Activities

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 prohibit discrimination based on disability and require equity and access for students experiencing a disability to be involved in, participate in, and make progress in the general education curriculum. To provide the accommodations and modifications, Section 504 plans must be designed to transition between in-person, distance, and hybrid learning environments as the context shifts in response to statewide health and safety guidelines.
Design and Review of Section 504 Plans
Schools must evaluate Required accommodations and modifications for all instructional settings. Under different instructional models, accommodations and modifications may need to be added, revised, or removed.
Purpose of Accommodations and Modifications
❏ Make instruction accessible for all learners. All learning platforms modifications for all must adhere to ADA requirements for visual accessibility. Teams should consider both the needs of the student as well family/caregiver support for access.
❏ Provide students with access to assistive technology as appropriate to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities; establish protocols detailing availability of assistive technology services to assist a student and parents in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device. (Could be a computer, pencil grip, slant board, high or low tech)
❏ Consult with district Title II (ADA) and Section 504 Coordinator expertise in creating plans for school reopening to provide all students who experience disabilities with FAPE.
❏ Convene Section 504 teams, virtually if Community Health Metrics have not been met, and make an individualized determination whether and to what extent compensatory services are to be provided once school reopens for students with 504 plans who have experienced a loss of skills due to the extended school closure.
Please contact your school’s 504 Coordinator for specific questions about your child’s plan. At the elementary level, the building principal serves as the 504 coordinator: