ASD Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention Plan Summary

Senate Bill 52, also known as "Adi's Act" was passed in Oregon in 2019. This legislation requires school districts to develop and publicly post their plan for suicide prevention. Ashland School District board policy JHH addressing district suicide prevention was recently adopted. The plan outlined here is a component of this policy.

We understand that student learning and achievement are critically linked to student mental well-being. Strong student mental health leads to positive and exciting learning opportunities both in and out of school. Conversely, as student mental health declines, so does school connectedness, positive school engagement, and ultimately, learning and achievement.

Given the complex stressors that our current generation of students face, it is especially important that we embrace student mental wellness with the same priority as academics and extracurriculars. We must work to build communities of care that prioritize the whole child and family balance while accepting and normalizing the actions and emotions associated with stress, anxiety, frustration, fear of failure, and more.

Students thrive when they feel welcomed, included by, and connected to those in their communities, school and home environments. When students understand their mental health and are supported with developing healthy coping skills, they are much more likely to ask for help when personal and life challenges feel overwhelming.

Purpose of this Plan

The purpose of this plan is to support the health and well-being of all students by prioritizing and building connected and inclusive school communities, while establishing trauma-informed and culturally sensitive suicide prevention, intervention and postvention procedures. This document recognizes and builds on the supports and resources throughout our school district.

Schools can be a source of support and stability for students and community members when a crisis occurs. Accordingly, this guide is intended to help school staff understand their roles and responsibilities in our efforts to provide accessible and effective supports to all children at-risk of suicidal behavior.

Ashland School District recognizes that:

  • Mental, social-emotional, and physical health are foundational to whole student well-being and are integral to student educational engagement and outcomes.

  • We have an ethical responsibility to take proactive approaches in preventing deaths by suicide.

  • We must strive to create environments that foster positive youth development and resilience and are sensitive to individual, cultural and societal factors that place youth at greater risk for suicide.

  • Comprehensive suicide prevention policies and procedures include prevention, intervention, and postvention components.

  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people in Oregon.

For a full version of Ashland School District's Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention plan, CLICK HERE.