changing filter

Want to know more about how the District supports clean air in our buildings now and into the future? Want to know more about how we monitor AQI and plan for smoky days? Please check out our Clean Air for Kids Matters page!

All Ashland Schools provide the same MERV 13 level of filtration common in most hospital settings. Out of an abundance of concern over COVID transmission, parents and guardians have expressed an interest in donating supplemental HEPA (MERV 17) surgical-grade air filters to schools. There is a process for accepting donations and some limitations on the units that we can place in classrooms. If you have an interest in donating a supplemental unit for your school, please read details on the bottom of our Clean Air page and contact your school’s principal.

We want to extend our thanks to our maintenance department for taking the extra steps to make our learning environment a safe and comfortable place. They have been working around the clock to make sure our HVAC systems are ready to meet the challenges posed by covid, smoke, and the hot summer months.