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The Ashland High School Truth to Power (TTP) Club has been approved by the City of Ashland to install a mural, “The BIPOC of the Rogue Valley Celebration,” on the walls of Ashland High School, facing out towards Mountain Avenue! Truth to Power is a high school club that produces podcasts and takes action for social justice.  The mural is one of many first steps taken by TTP--in companionship with Ashland and the high school--to create a safer, more diverse, inclusive community for Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color. After the shooting of former AHS student, Aidan Ellison, a Black teenager, TTP saw the vital need for this sort of an art piece and antiracism even more. This mural honors Aidan’s life by celebrating BIPOC changemakers. Keep your eyes out for more updates from Truth to Powerincluding a community painting day in September and a dedication ceremony in November. 


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