Superintendent Recruitment Window Open over an image of Ashland, Oregon

The Ashland School District Board of Directors has opened the application window for the next Superintendent of Schools. 

The Superintendent Search for Ashland’s next educational leader is guided by the Next Superintendent Criteria, which is listed publicly on the district website. The criteria was developed using comprehensive feedback gathered through 17 focus groups, leadership interviews, and an online community survey. 

“The Ashland School District Board of Directors is incredibly grateful for the community’s feedback, which has provided a rich understanding of priorities and desires for our next Superintendent,” shared Rebecca Dyson, Board Chair. “We look forward to the recruitment window and are hopeful to find the right candidate for our unique and thriving school district.”

The Ashland School District Superintendent job posting is now open and can be viewed on the Human Capital Enterprises (HCE) website at Applications will be accepted through December 28, 2023.

Updates on the Superintendent Search process can be found on the District website. For questions about the Superintendent Search, please contact