Special Education Report Cards

History of the Special Education Report Card
The reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) requires each State Education Agency to develop a six-year State Performance Plan (SPP). States are also required to report annually on progress in accomplishing the targeted goals of the SPP. The Oregon Department of Education uses a report format as one medium for disseminating this required information to the public. The School District Special Education Report displays district-level data and approved Oregon state targets, as described in the SPP. 

The Ashland Report Card
We are proud of the achievements of our students with special needs and the teachers and staff who serve them.  We continue to work to serve our special needs students and provide appropriate academic challenges.  We continue to use our current successes to set targets for the future.  If you have questions regarding Ashland School District's Special Education Report Card or program indicators, please contact the Student Services Department at 482-2438.

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