Social Studies Adoption Materials and Public Feedback Opportunity

Ashland is adopting new curriculum materials for Social Studies to implement beginning in the 2022-23 school year. Our State Standards and Adoption Criteria are listed below along with links to the materials. At the bottom there is a survey to collect public feedback. The survey will be open until May 1, 2022

The Ashland School District is engaging in a Social Studies Curriculum Adoption cycle in the 2021-22 school year for implementation in the 2022-23 school year. The committee developed a scoring rubric using our district goals and Equity Policy. Below, you will find the scoring rubric, the 2021 Social Studies standards and links to the curriculum materials that are being recommended by the Social Studies Adoption Committee.

Social Studies Adoption Committee Members:

District Representatives

Christine McCollom

Andrea Townsend

Secondary Representatives

Aimee Cork

Jamie Hirsch

Hillary Cusenza

Hannah Kolni

Jacob Holderman

Beth Ohler

Bob Julian

Elementary Representatives

Caitlyn Olson

Trish Dorr

Beth Van Zee

Beth Van Zee

Ky Ferguson

Anne Collogne

Allana Drossos

Kim Freeman

Lacy Kleespie

Bekkah McAlvage

Lauren McGowne

Rubric Criteria for Social Studies Adoption


Equity Lens Criteria:

1. The curriculum presents a balanced and objective view of history and current societal dynamics that both celebrates successes and recognizes shortcomings.

2. The curriculum highlights non-dominant populations and their strengths and assets (i.e. talents and knowledge) rather than their perceived flaws and deficiencies, so that students of diverse race, class, gender, ability, and sexual orientation can relate and participate fully.

3. The curriculum presents different points of view on the same event or experience, including points of view from marginalized people/communities.

4. The curriculum provides avenues for students to connect learning to social, political, or environmental concerns that affect them and their lives and contribute to change.


Social Studies Specific Criteria:

  • K-12 philosophical alignment

  • Accurate and complete Historical Information over time

  • Balanced with multiple perspectives

  • Flexible use as core or supplemental at the High School Level

  • Core use at K-8 Level

  • Vocabulary representing groups is respectful, current, and person centered

  • Includes work with primary source documents at all levels

  • Inclusion of a diverse group of authors vs. all white authors writing outside of their own experience when possible

  • Solid instruction on hard Social Studies skills: maps, geography etc.

  • Alignment with 2021 Standards

  • Multi-media sources for instruction

  • Hands on/variety of types of activities: reading, writing, research, project based, role play, etc.

  • Includes Assessments

  • Accessible format

2021 Oregon Social Science Standards K-12:
2021 Social Science Standards Integrated with Ethnic Studies

Elementary Curriculum Maps:

The Social Studies Adoption Committee used trusted local and historical resources to compile a comprehensive K-5 Social Studies Program that meets the needs of our criteria and are aligned to the 2021 Social Science Standards. Curriculum maps for each grade are posted here for review and feedback.

Kindergarten Curriculum Map
First Grade Curriculum Map
Second Grade Curriculum Map
Third Grade Curriculum Map Draft
Fourth Grade Curriculum Map
Fifth Grade Curriculum Map

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Middle School Adoption:

The Middle School Adoption Team is recommending the adoption of TCI for core Social Science instruction. Follow these links to review their materials:
History Alive! The US Through Industrialism Eighth Grade
History Alive! The World Through 1750  Sixth and Seventh Grade
Geography Alive! Table of Contents Sixth and Seventh Grade

History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism Table of Contents

High School Adoption:

The High School Adoption Team is recommending the adoption of Newsela for use as both core and supplemental Social Science instruction. This resource also comes with supplemental materials for English Language Arts. Follow this link to review their materials:

Username: Oregon2021
Password: Newsela

Public Comment Survey on Social Studies Adoption Recommendations:
Click here to access the survey or copy and paste the link below into your browser
If you have questions, please contact Christine McCollom at .