OSAS Science Assessment

Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS) Science Assessment
- Previously OAKS Science
Oregon joined a collective of states via a memorandum of understanding in the development of our Next Generation Science Standards-aligned science assessments. This effort is organized by the American Institutes of Research (AIR). The states involved in the collective are sharing items and resources as we work toward our first NGSS-aligned operational science assessments in 2018-19.

The OSAS Science Assessment will contain questions aligned to the 2014 Oregon Science Standards (NGSS).  Items are presented independently or as a cluster.  Each cluster is designed to engage the test taker in a meaningful scientific activity aligned to the standard and contain: a phenomena to give context and engage student interest, background information and/or data, a task description, and multiple questions.  Clusters and items are computer scored.

OSAS Science will be assessed at grade levels 5, 8, and HS.  The 2020-2021 assessment window  for grades 5 & 8 opens March 4 and closes June 4.  The window for high school opens on January 5 and closes on June 4. Your child's school will keep you apprised of test dates. 

Parent-Requested Exemption - Science

For OSAS Science parents may request that their student be exempted from state testing based on either disability or religion. OAR 581-021-0009 allows school districts to excuse students from a state required program or learning activity, including state testing, to accommodate a student’s 
disabilities or religious beliefs. In order for a school district to excuse a student from testing under this rule, the student’s parent must submit a written request to the school district, listing the reasons for the request and proposing an alternative individualized learning activity for the student that meets the same goals that would be accomplished by participation in state testing. Appropriate school personnel must evaluate and approve the parent request. 
Exemption guidelines must satisfy the following conditions:
         • Download and fill out the 
Parent Exemption Request form
         • Include reasons for request (disability or religion)
         • Propose an alternative learning activity for the student
         • Is subject to district review and determination whether to approve
                             Parent Exemption Request Form