Assessment Opt-Outs

Opting Out of Statewide Math and ELA Assessments

ORS 329.479 establishes a Student Assessment Bill of Rights permitting parents or adult students to annually opt-out of statewide summative assessments in English language arts and Mathematics - including ORExt ELA  ORExt MA. In addition, ORS 329.479 requires school districts and public charter schools to provide supervised study time for students who opt-out of testing. The bill also reiterates current Essential Skills policy and graduation requirements, in that a student who opts out of testing may not be denied a diploma if they are able to satisfy all other diploma requirements. Students who do opt-out of the ELA and Mathematics state tests, however, still need to meet the Essential Skills graduation requirement using another approved assessment option.        
House Bill 2655

2020-21 Annual Opt Out Notice            Notificación Anual Sobre los Exámenes Estatales 2020-21

2020-21 30 Day Notice and Opt Out Form           Notificación sobre los Exámenes Estatales 2020-21

Parent Message Regarding Opt Out 2020-21     Parent Message Regarding Opt Out 2020-21 Spanish

Parent-Requested Exemptions for All Other Assessments 

For all other statewide assessments (OSAS Online Science and Social Sciences, ELPA Summative, the Kindergarten Assessment, and the ORExt Science Assessment), parents may request that their student be exempted from state testing based on either disability or religion. OAR 581-021-0009 allows school districts to excuse students from a state required program or learning activity, including state testing, to accommodate a student’s disabilities or religious beliefs. In order for a school district to excuse a student from testing under this rule, the student’s parent
 must submit a written request to the school district, listing the reasons for the request and proposing an alternative individualized learning activity for the student that meets the same goals that would be accomplished by participation in state testing. Appropriate school personnel must evaluate and approve the parent request.

Exemption guidelines must satisfy the following conditions:
         • Download and fill out the 
Parent Exemption Request Form
         • Include reasons for request (disability or religion)
         • Propose an alternative learning activity for the student
         • Submit the form to Student Services for review and approval