AEA Bargaining Updates 2024

Welcome to the Ashland School District (ASD) negotiations page, specifically dedicated to our discussions with the Ashland Education Association (AEA). This section provides updates, official documents, and other pertinent information regarding the bargaining process with AEA. Our goal is to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress of these negotiations.

For inquiries or feedback related to AEA negotiations, please contact the ASD negotiations team at

Upcoming Meetings

Bargaining Updates

Tentatively Agreed Articles

Bargaining Ground Rules

Article 1 - Status of Agreement

Article 2 - Council Rights and Privileges

Article 11 - Extended Contract

Article 12- Assignment of Licensed Employee Work to Non-Licensed Staff

Article 13 - Extended Pay for Post-Season Activity

Article 21 - Ban on Use of Tobacco Products

Article 26 - Dues Deduction, Employee Information & New Hire Orientations

Article 36 - Retired Rehired (Replacement for Appendix E)

Article 8 - Personnel Files

Article 7 - Specific Duties and Functions of Employees

Article 22 - Strike and Work Stoppage

Article 35 - Contract Maintenance

Appendix F - Contract Maintenance Committee Referral Form