About AHS

Ashland High School (AHS), accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (a division of AdvancEd), is a comprehensive, four-year high school of approximately 1,006 students with 57 teaching faculty. 

AHS follows a semester academic calendar with a block schedule that has four 85-minute classes meeting on alternate days. Post-secondary counseling occurs during senior year in our Career & College Readiness class. Each course has a value of one credit, with 50 credits required to graduate.

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AHS Quick Facts

School Colors

School Mascot


Vision Statement

Core Values

Code of Conduct


Crimson Red & White

Griswold the Grizzly Bear

Empowering students to be lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and stewards of the world.

Inspiring learning for life!

Community, diversity, empowerment, excellence,

Act Responsibly, Have Integrity, Show Respect


Open Campus

Ashland High School has an open campus policy for students during lunch and scheduled out periods. Students are expected to follow all school rules while school is in session. More information on our open campus policy is available in the Student Rights & Policies section

Campus Map

A more detailed, room-level campus map is available in the AHS Main Office