Forecasting & Course Guide

What is Forecasting?

Forecasting is a process occurring each spring where students, in conjunction with counselors, teachers and parents, request the classes they would like to take the following year. Student requests are used, in part, to build the master schedule for the following year. Therefore, it is critical students plan carefully and fully complete the forecasting process


Course Guide

The Ashland High School Course Guide is designed to assist students in the selection of an appropriate course of study while at Ashland High School. It is important that you carefully consider the options that might be available to you after high school and plan an educational program that will permit you to take advantage of future opportunities. In this process, you should involve your parents, take advantage of the resources available at Ashland High School, the community, and the services of your administrators, teachers, parents, and counselors.


Forecasting for 2024-2025


Parent Zoom Recording for Incoming 9th Graders 24 25'

Parent Zoom Recording for 10th Graders 23 24'

Parent Zoom Recording for Incoming 11th Graders 23-24'

Parent Zoom Recording for Incoming 12th Graders 23-24'

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