AHS Clubs

Club are a vibrant part of Ashland High School. Students can join one of the many options already organized or they are welcome to start their own club or activity by following a process that begins with finding an advisor. Our goal is to have every student active in some activity that engages their interest.

Through our clubs and activities, students develop new friendships, have the opportunity to lead their peers, and find avenues for their creativity.

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Below is a list of our clubs from the 2023-2024 year.

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When/ Where


Club Activities

AHS Powerlifting

Quin Haldane

Mon/Tues/Thurs After School in WEIGHT

To give people an organized time and community to lift for both experience and new lifters, and also to give those who want a way to compete.

Work out afterschool or in an Intro or Advanced Condition class. The work outs will be powerlifting specific. We will also travel to compete in power lifting events and maybe even try to host. There will also be fundraising.

Asian Student Union


Fridays at Lunch, Main Office

This club is determined to create a space where Asians and Asian Allies are welcome and a place to amplify Asian voices.

Plan Lunar New festival eah year and Spring Festival

Black Student Union


Tuesdays at Lunch, IVC

To help create a sense of belonging and support an inclusive school culture

Event planning, movie nights, building a support system, helping change school culture.

Book Club

Isaiah Creel

Thursdays at Lunch, 207

To introduce book lovers to more book lovers and books

Snacks, book discussions, and introducing different genres and writing style. Book mark making, movies of certain books

Brain Bowl

Alan Parowski

Tuesdays at Lunch, Library

SO High School Knowledge Bowl Tournament

Answering Questions


Jim Ransweiler

Mondays/Tuesdays at Lunch, Upper Commons

To have a ton of fun and play chess!

Playing chess.

Climate Action

Erin Flynn

Tuesdays at Lunch, SC-3

To promote climate friendly practices across campus

Earth day celebration, support the school in reducing waste across campus.

Comic Book

Max Malcomb

Red Tuesdays/Thursdays After School, TH-215

To connect with other comic books enthusiasts

Medford Comic Con, Comic book zine, Portland comic con, Cosplay, school comic book collection, movies, Free comic book day, video game night

Cosplay Club

Reed Sorensen

Tuesdays and Thursdays at Lunch in Linc 21

Creating a safe artistic community for people with similar interests such as costuming, prop making, and makeup

Costuming, prop making, makeup, socialization, project planning, drwing and trip planning


Mark Miller


Educate members on other pathways after high school. Promote hardworking hands on students on their journeys by granting entry into apprenticeships.

Guest speakers, group discussions, possible field trips/workshops

Dance Company

Shaun Hennessy

Thursday at Lunch, TH-118

To work collaboratively and create a student choreographed piece that tells a story through movement. Get excerise. Explore music and movement together. Build new friendships.

Creating a show, collaborating, cheorgraphic, rehearsing, picking costumes, and music and etc.


Jamie Hirsh

White Fridays at Lunch, 202

To raise money for a girls school in africa to help fund for a new school and new school supplies.

Fundraising, car waashes, snack sales, and tutoring with Mu Alpha Theta, we fundraise


Quin Haldane

Varies at Lunch, Tech-3

Competitive business, marketing, and entrepreneurship club.

DECA bootcamps, DECA competition, Student Store Management


Kelly Anderson

Wednesday at Lunch, UpperGym

To play dogdge ball for fun and make friends

Playing dodgeball and other dodgeball related activities


Shaun Hennessy

Wednesdays at Lunch, TH-118 (Rose Studio)

Encourage students at AHS to participate in Theater. 

Fundraisers, improv games, help with auditions/competitions, and game nights.


Isaiah Creel

Tues/Thurs at Lunch, 207

Meet and communicate about different fandoms (anything fiction)

Harry Potter 

Nancy Martin

Wednesday at Lunch, EN-1

For Harry Potter Fans!

Be sorted in your house, make your own wand, games, trivia, discussions, Harry Potter themed snacks, etc. 


Adrienne Fox

Every other Thursday at Lunch, IVC or 206

Community service, school spirit and community building

Service projects, Ashland Reads, Easter Egg Hunt

Key Club

Sarah Weston

White Mondays at Lunch, Tech-2

To volunteer and do community service throughout the community and raise money for causes both within and outside of Ashland

Volunteering at/for: monster dash, salvation army bell ringing, Maslow project, car washes to raise money for charity (including Doernbecher Children's Hospital), food bank

Latinx Student Union


Thursdays at Lunch, H-39

A safe space for students of Hispanic Heritage to connect and celebrate language and culture.

Lunch meetings w/ games and food to connect and plan community events.


Jesse Stonewood

Wednesdays at Lunch, 205

The purpose of this club is to promote memorable relationships amongst members in an eccentric environment. Together we all share the same love for lettuce.

Eating lettuce, planting lettuce, discussing lettuce, thinking about lettuce, and admiring lettuce

Magic the Gathering

Isaiah Creel

Monday, Friday at Lunch, Monday after School, 207

Play Magic the Gathering

Draft, play, and trade magic the gathering.

Model United Nations

Jamie Hirsh

White Wednesdays at Lunch, 202

To prepare and compete in the Model UN conference April 11-13

Model UN Conference at U of O in April

Mu Alph Theta (Math Honor Society)

Tammy Anderson

Third Friday of Month at Lunch, H-25

Recognize, discuss, and celebrate math!

Pi Day (fundraising for AHS's calculator system), math alumni day, and hosting finals week review sessions

National Art Honor Society

Max Malcomb 

Thursdays at Lunch, TH-215

To amplify the voices of local youth artists and cultivate a safe space for artistic expression

Portfolio day, Winter Fine Arts Festival, sustainability art show for Earth Day, Sprin Art Show, Murals, Special Events, Etc. 

National Honor Society

Adrienne Fox

2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Lunch, IVC

Continued development of leadership, scholarship, service, and character 

Service projects (e.g. Rogue Liberation Library and Scenic Park-Clean Up), fundraising for NHS Scholarships

Native American Student Union


Mondays at Lunch, 208

Provide a safe space for indigienous students and allies to connect and create.

Care for otter lifter, make art


Robert Joe

Mondays at Lunch, TECH-5

To express art through photography

After school hiking trips or sporting events, school events

Project UP

Shaun Hennessy

Tuesdays at Lunch, TH-118

To break down social barriers between those with different abilities and the rest of the student body through a shared love of theater.

Playing theater games. Showcasing professional actors as speakers. Offering a safe space for people with different abilities to socialize. 

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)


Mondays at Lunch, 204

To provide a safe space for Queer students and organzie pride events.

Organizing fundraises, pride events, providing community.


Cambria Floren, Jannet Mickey

Fridays at Lunch, 204

For the neurodiverse, autistic, and the disabled to have a community and a safety network to make friends like they never have before and feel like they belong

Hangout to socialize, games, movie nights



Thursdays after School, IA-4

To bring together students of various skill levels to introduce them to basic and advanced forms of robotics and the skills needed to design, build, program, and operate a robot of their own.

Participating in FIRST Robotics Competitions, learning and applying valuable STEM and tool skills, engaging with the community, fundraising, and some field trips.


Jesse Burnham

1st Wednesday of Month at Lunch, 205

To trade plants and advice on house plants. Socialize with people with similar interests. Make new friends

Club meets, opportunities for off-campus adventures regarding plants.

Student Advocates for Sexual Violence Survivors

Jesse Burnham

Mondays at Lunch, 205

To build sexual violence awareness, advocate for sexual violence survivors, and support prevention strategies

Peer escorts for students who face harrassment/sexual violence, informational/support sessions

Truth to Power

Steven Essig

Thursdays at Lunch, 203

Creates and produces podcasts about social ustice issues. Along with these podcasts, we plan events to uplift community engagement.

Podcast production, event planning, community connection, radio shows on KSKQ

Ultimate Frisbee

Michael Gullo

Monday After School, Wednesday during Lunch, SC-3

Fun active time for students to exercise and meet others. Perhaps compete with other schools or enter tournaments in the future.

Learn skills and play ultimate frisbee games.

Women's Affinity Group


Tuesdays at Lunch, 202

Creating a safe space for women and their allies and promoting feminism at AHS.

Discussions, art projects, and potential events or campaigns to keep girls at AHS safe.

Writers and Poets

Shaun Hennessy

Fridays at Lunch, TH-118 (Rose Studio)

To discuss and appreciate various forms of literature as well as provide a safe and fun environment for creative writing

Poetry/short story readings, discussion of poems, writing prompts, optional sharing of creative, discussion and feedback for other members' writing, fun writing games