AHS Clubs

Club are a vibrant part of Ashland High School. Students can join one of the many options already organized or they are welcome to start their own club or activity by following a process that begins with finding an advisor. Our goal is to have every student active in some activity that engages their interest.

Through our clubs and activities, students develop new friendships, have the opportunity to lead their peers, and find avenues for their creativity.

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Below is a list of our clubs from the 2022-2023 year.

Club Name




Club Activities

Asian Student Union


Red Thursdays at Lunch, H-33

The purpose of ASU is to create a safe environment to a minority group, as well as making a space to bond and have fun.

Organize events for AAPL month, celebrate Lunar New Year

Astronomy Club

Todd Hobein

Thursdays at TCB, SC-1

To give people enough information to form theories and have open discussion on astronomy

Playing space related games, Kahots, and watch videos giving brief explanations

Black Student Union


Fridays at Lunch, 203

Bring together black and melanated students, educate the community, and the empowerment of Black Students.

Volunteering, educational/community building activities, trips, leadership opportunities, bonding gatherings

Brain Bowl

Alan Parowski

Tuesdays at Lunch, H-15

Brain Bowl is essential High School Curriculum level trivia for High Schoolers.  Sort of like Team Jeopardy.

We have one tournament a year at SOU, usually in February or March.  If we come in first or second with our Varsity Team (most of the time) we have a face off on SOPTV.

Climate Action

Erin Flynn

Tuesdays at Lunch, H-14

To raise awareness for climate change and advocate for more equitable and sustainable environmental practices

Earth day celebration, climate concerts, movie showings, bike week, advocate for industrial composting, clothing swap, etc. 

Craft and Connect

Kimberly Wasserman

Tuesdays during TCB, H-39

To build community through crafts and other art-based activities.

Pin-making, sticker making, collaging, coloring, and more.


Jamie Hirsh

White Fridays at Lunch, 202

Daraja is a school for girls in Kenya. This club would help to build awareness to the school and help fundraise.

Discuss what we can do to help the school. Have direct contact about what is needed. Calling and facetiming with students.


Quin Haldane

Varies at Lunch, Tech-3

Competive business, marketing, and entrepreneurship club.

Competitions throughout the state and national competition in May

Different Diets

Katie Barber

Fridays at Lunch, 208

To learn more about different diet from veganism to intolerances.

Discuss different diets, diet friendly recipe making, learning about different diets

Disc Golf

Reed Sorenson and Nassir Rihon

Saturdays, SOU Disc Golf Course

Play disc golf on disc golf courses, provide an environment for students to foster new connection between all students involved.

A round or two at the SOU course every week with shuffled teams and possibly monthly trip to other courses.


Betsy Bishop

Wednesdays at Lunch, TH-118 (Rose Studio)

Make theater accessible to everyone, especially those who can't take on a full show. Also to create a safe space for people to express themselves and make new friends. 

Fundraisers (Haunted House, children's + middle school workshops, caroling, etc.), improv games, help with auditions/competitions, and just hanging out with each other.

Dungeons and Dragons (DND)

Brenton Wileman

Tues/Thurs at Lunch, H-30

Play Dungeons and Dragons

Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Girls in STEM

McKael Kenfield

First Friday of the month at Lunch, SC-2

To provide a support group, mentorship place, and fun space for girls and peer allies interested in any STEM field to participate in. The cumulative purpose is to encourage girls to pursue STEM without feeling intimidated.  Girls in STEM is offered to address an historic underrepresentation of girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Host monthly "Project shares" where member share any projects related to STEM that they are working on; Facilitate mentorship opportunities if someone is interested in breaking in to the STEM space.


Adrienne Hillman

Every other Thursday at Lunch, Picnic tables by H-14

Learn to give back through service learning, locally and internationally. Students can gain community service hours and learn leadership skills.

Helping facilitate community events, such as the Lithia Park Easter egg hunt, Ashland, Reads, and the Siskiyou Challenge with the help of the Rotary, participating in other local community service opportunities, and fundraising for an international organization of our choice.

Key Club

Aimee Cork

White Mondays at Lunch, Tech-2

To volunteer and do community service throughout the community and raise money for causes both within and outside of Ashland

Volunteering at/for: monster dash, salvation army bell ringing, Maslow project, car washes to raise money for charity (including Doernbecher Children's Hospital), food bank

Latinx Student Union


Thursdays at Lunch, IA-2

To create a safe space for students of Latin/Hispanic descent. They will share and educate about difficulties that the Latinx community faces. 

Educational/community building activities, attending/hosting Latinx events and cultural awareness activism, holiday observances (such as dia de los muertos, etc.)


Jesse Stonewood

4th Friday of the Month, SC-4

To create a safe and welcoming environment for lettuce enthusiasts to come together and enjoy the leafy greens of their choice

Eating lettuce, planting lettuce, discussing lettuce, thinking about lettuce, and admiring lettuce

Magic the Gathering

Isaiah Creel

Mondays and Fridays at Lunch, 207

To attract Magic players, veterans, or newcomers and give them a place to play, trade, and learn amongst friends

Playing Magic the Gathering (all formats, commander slightly preferred), trading, teaching newcomers, having a place to just hang out and talk about magic, newest sets (or more obsolete ones), decks, strategies, etc.

Model United Nations

Jamie Hirsh

Red Wednesdays at Lunch, 202

Discuss global issues with club members and other Oregon students in a mock united nations convention

Member spend the year researching, preparing collectively for Oregon's MUN conference in Eugene in April. Members conduct research based on selected countries, so they can then work collaborate to pass ordinances beneficial to their country. 

Mu Alph Theta (Math Honor Society)

Tammy Anderson

Third Friday of Month at Lunch, H-25

Recognize, discuss, and celebrate math!

Pi Day (fundraising for AHS's calculator system), math alumni day, and hosting finals week review sessions

Multicultural Arts

Ivan Olinghouse

Every other Monday at Lunch, Band/Orch

An opportunity to explore aspects of your/other's culture and to bring together AHS diversity in a club that celebrates differences.

Monthly study of a club members unique culture. Thís is an opportunity for the members of our club to take over and lead in an art project related to their roots (tea ceremony, beading tutorial, traditional dance, etc.)

National Art Honor Society

Max Malcomb 

Fridays at Lunch, TH-215

This club will feature art in various community art shows throughout the year and use art as a medium for social change. It's also a great place to meet cool, new people and network with other artists.

Art Stuffs.

National Honor Society

Adrienne Fox

White Wednesdays at Lunch, IVC

National organization for students that demonstrate academic excellence.

Fundraisers, senior scholarships, plans winter formal

Native American Student Union


Mondays at Lunch, H-15

Provide a space for indigenous students to engage in cultural activities

Canoe installation, educate on historical indigenous movements, engage in cultural activities (beading, etc.)


Max Malcomb 

Fridays at Lunch, TH-215

Bring student from all backgrounds for the opportunity to participate in a volunteer trip abroad. Our mission is to experience new cultures while also serving communities in need.

Fundraising and bonding activities throughout the school year, volunteer trip abroad during Summer 2023.

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)


Mondays at Lunch, 204

Create a safe space for LGBTQ and ally students to gather and to spread awareness on campus. This is one of the school's affinity groups already established on campus.

Movie nights, fundraisers, t-shirts, etc.


CJ Busenkell

Thursdays after School, IA-4

Participating in FIRST Robotics

Manufacturing and programming a robot, community outreach, STEM education, and electrical wiring

Spanish Honor Society


Every other Monday at Lunch, H-34

To recognize academic achievement in Spanish and to promote Hispanic studies

Community outreach/service

Truth to Power

Shane Abrams

Thursdays at Lunch, 203

Truth to Power cultivates teen activism and community participation through social justice podcasts and transformative projects.

Podcasting/teen voice, direct action activism projects

Ultimate Frisbee

Michael Gullo

Monday, Tuesday, Friday After School in SC-3

Get Students actively involved in extracurricular activities, fun, exercise, and compete

Learn skills and practice, compete with neighboring schools. 

Women's Affinity Group


Tuesdays at Lunch, H-39

Women's Affinity Group (WAG) raises awareness and challenges social norms and school culture to combat sexism, empower women, and valorize femininity.  WAG is open to all students and peer allies regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, color, national origin, disability, or marital status.

Sexual assault awareness, menstruation and free period products education, update health class curriculum, increase female representation around campus, discuss struggles of living in a patriarchy.

Writers and Poets

Betsy Bishop

Fridays at Lunch, TH-118 (Rose Studio)

To discuss and appreciate various forms of literature as well as provide a safe and fun environment for creative writing

Poetry/short story readings, discussion of poems, writing prompts, optional sharing of creative, discussion and feedback for other members' writing, fun writing games