AHS Clubs

Club are a vibrant part of Ashland High School. Students can join one of the many options already organized or they are welcome to start their own club or activity by following a process that begins with finding an advisor. Our goal is to have every student active in some activity that engages their interest.

Through our clubs and activities, students develop new friendships, have the opportunity to lead their peers, and find avenues for their creativity.

Club Application Form

Below is a list of our clubs from the 2021-2022 year.

Art Club

Fridays during lunch in TH-216

This club a museum visits, portfolio nights, Winter Fine Arts Festival, fundraisers, etc.

Club Presidents: Audrey Churchill & AJ Balestreri

Advisor: Maximiliano.Malcomb@ashland.k12.or.us



Asian Student Union (ASU)

Thursdays during lunch in TH-216

To provide a safe space of solidarity and community for Asian students at AHS. A place to share your experiences and culture with those you know will understand and listen. Club activities include Asian movie night, promoting Asian artists, authors, and content creators (both within the club and to the AHS campus), Asian literature promotion and reading lists, etc.

Club President: Madeleine Conachy-Chang

Advisor: Maximiliano.Malcomb@ashland.k12.or.us



Black Student Union (BSU)

Fridays during lunch in 203

The purpose of this club is to bring together black/ melanated students, educate the community, and the empowerment of black students. They will do volunteering/ community service projects, educational/community building activities, trips, local activism, and provide leadership opportunities.

Club Presidents: Abbey Lambert & Zaire Coltier

Advisor: Robert.Joe@ashland.k12.or.us



Brain Bowl

Thursdays during lunch in H-15

Weekly trivia with a tournament in March 

Advisor: Alan.Parowski@ashland.k12.or.us




Christian Fellowship Club

Thursdays during lunch in TH-118

Open to any and all students who want to know more about Jesus, Bible Study, and Prayer together.


Club Presidents: Giovanni Navarrette & Julietta Longiotti

Advisor: Betsy.Bishop@ashland.k12.or.us



Climate Action Club

Wednesdays during lunch in H-14

This club’s purpose is to act in response to climate change and encourage the people around us to do the same. This club plans to reduce single-use plastic on campus, announce climate-action themed 30-day challenges (such as using green transportation, collecting trash, and climate friendly eating), and hosting community talks.

Club Presidents: Sylvie Turner & Rachel Davis

Advisor: Erin.Federline@ashland.k12.or.us



Dance Club

Tuesdays and Fridays after school on the quad

Giving dancers a chance to dance their hearts out but to also dance for our basketball varsity teams. Everyone must try out for the club to show skill level. Performance tryouts are mandatory. During regular meetings, they will learn choreography to songs the club chooses. When performances come around, tryouts will be mandatory.

 Club Presidents: Aubree Jones, Faye Tyler, Acacia Jones

Advisor: Betsy.Bishop@zashland.k12.or.us



Drama Club

Wednesday during lunch in the Rose Room

The purpose of drama club is to get ready for theatre events and have fun doing theatre related events and activities. The club plays theatre games, hosts the haunted house, Secret Santa, regionals, etc.

 Club Presidents: Brooklyn Williams & Keagan Brookes-Torres

Advisor: Betsy.Bishop@ashland.k12.or.us



Dungeons & Dragons Club (D&D)

Thursdays during lunch in H-30

This club meets to play Dungeons and Dragons. 

Club Presidents: Rory Diehl, Arlo Kirkpatrick

Advisor: Brenton.Wileman@ashland.k12.or.us




Gaming Club

Tuesdays & Thursdays during lunch in 207

Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to meet other students interested in video games, as well as provide an opportunity for students to compete against others in a safe environment. 

 Club Presidents: Armen Koshanian & Liam Lucier

Advisor: Isaiah.Creel@ashland.k12.or.us



Gardening Club

Tuesdays during lunch in SC-2

Transforming the campus into a healthy and beautiful place through gardening. This club will plant flowers, food and herbs. They will keep the campus clean and bring the school community together through gardening activities. 

Club President: Marisa Perrin & Vera Linsday

Advisor: McKael.Kenfield@ashland.k12.or.us


Global Citizens Corps

Wednesdays during lunch in H-36

GCC aims to organize events such as Valentine Flowers, Food drives, and activities that unite and assist students from various cultures.


Club President: Nareg Koshanian

Advisor: Barbie.Hobein@ashland.k12.or.us



Great Outdoor Adventure Team (G.O.A.T)

Tuesdays during lunch in H-14

The purpose of this club is to get people interested in hiking, outdoor sports like skiing or rock climbing, and outdoor skills such as navigation and first aid and planning trips. This club will plan trips (hikes and more intense activities like camping or skiing), group research and presentations on gear and skills, and make friends and learn new things!


Club President: Nick Hemmerling

Advisor: Erin.Federline@ashland.k12.or.us



Harry Potter Club

Wednesdays during lunch in EN-1

The purpose of this club is to provide a nice inclusive environment for Harry Potter fans. They will compete for house cup, play Harry Potter trivia games, make Harry Potter themed snacks do Harry Potter themed crafts, etc.


Club President: Layla Robinson

Advisor: Nancy.Martin@ashland.k12.or.us



Interact Club

Fridays (bi-monthly) during lunch in 206

Interact works in tandem with Ashland Rotary Club and is focused on community service and connecting students to local organizations. Through our connection to Rotary Club and commitment to bettering our community, we will provide an opening for students to get involved in their communities for the rest of their lives. Interact engages in a series of local and international service projects that increase awareness about present issues and broaden our horizons surrounding the impact our involvement can have.


Club Presidents: Mirandah Davis-Powell & Zia Brandstetter

Advisor: Adrienne.Hillman@ashland.k12.or.us



International Club

Mondays during lunch in H-27

Our mission is to inspire awareness of other cultures of other countries and to help other countries in need with funds raised. We will host regular meetings to explore and learn from and about others, as well as watch foreign films, cooking international foods, and more. 

Club President: Nareg Koshanian

Advisor: Gladys.Contreras@ashland.k12.or.us



Jazz Band

Wednesdays from 3pm-5pm in the Band Room

This club’s purpose is to learn to play jazz styles and improvisation. They will participate in winter & spring concerts and other performance opportunities. 

Club Presidents: Braedon Maxwell-Worley & Daisy Schmeling

Advisor: Ian.Miller@ashland.k12.or.us



Key Club

Mondays at 12:15pm at Triangle Park

The purpose of this club is community services for the Ashland community and is sponsored and supported by Ashland Kiwanis.

Club Presidents: Charlotte Angermeier & Macy Haim

Advisor: Aimee.Cork@ashland.k12.or.us & Jeanne Walcher - Ashland Kiwanis Advisor


Latinx Student Union

Mondays during lunch in Tech-2

To create a safe space for students of Latin/Hispanic descent. They will share and educate about difficulties that the Latinx community faces. 

Club President: Eva Mitchell-Vargas

Advisor: Francisco.LopezAtanes@ashland.k12.or.us



Model United Nations

Red Wednesdays during lunch in 202

Model the United Nations and eventually go to Eugene for the end of the year. Its purpose is to learn about the countries, write legislative parties, and join countries. 

Club President: Rachel Davis

Advisor: Jamie.Hirsh@ashland.k12.or.us



Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)

Every 3rd Friday during lunch in H-25

A method for schools to recognize and encourage students who enjoy and excel in mathematics. Also, to promote an appreciation for math among the students at AHS. This club will host Pi-Day, guest speakers, math-related community outreach, and find countdown for finals. 

Club Presidents: Ben Sandow & Samantha Westrick

Advisor: Tammy.Anderson@ashland.k12.or.us



National Honor Society

Every other Tuesday during lunch in the large gym

This club recognizes and encourages academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. They are involved in community volunteering, throwing fundraisers, and planning the Winter Formal dance. 

Club Presidents: Ben Sandow & Luke Seeley

Advisor: Nora.Godfrey-Dismuk@ashland.k12.or.us



Native American Student Union (NASU)

Every other Wednesday at lunch in H-15

The purpose of NASU is to promote cultural and political awareness among all communities, service as a safe space to develop (or further develop) identity, and increase awareness of Native American students and peoples. We hope members gain a stronger sense of community and pride in their culture and heritage. Club activities include meetings, events, community outreach, cultural celebration events, collaborate with other infinity groups to create a more cohesive, diverse cultural environment. 

Advisors: Bryanna.Trevino@ashland.k12.or.us & Jennifer.Wahpepah@ashland.k12.or.us



Nordic Skiing

Tuesdays during lunch in IA-2

The purpose of this club is to make people more aware of the fun sport of Nordic Skiing and to help recruit people for the winter sport. Club members will learn about Nordic Skiing, skiing in general, and team bonding for the club sport. 

Club President: Tyla Garfas-Knowles

Advisor: Timaree.Joe@ashland.k12.or.us



Peace Club

Thursdays during lunch in TH-215

This club’s purpose is to bring a group of AHS students together to fundraiser and ultimately travel abroad to volunteer and serve a community in need for 1-2 weeks in the summer. They will host fundraisers, group bonding activities, and volunteer trips.

Club President: Annika Wells

Advisor: Maximiliano.Malcomb@ashland.k12.or.us



Philosophy Club

Every other Tuesday during lunch in SC-4

The purpose of philosophy club is to discuss big questions, dig deeper into our values and have fun! They will participate in discussions, debates, and short lessons on philosophers. 

Club Presidents: Ava Code & Mimi Lindaur

Advisor: Jesse.Stonewood@ashland.k12.or.us



Queer Straight Alliance

Red Wednesdays during lunch in the IVC

This club’s purpose is to foster a caring and safe place for LGBTQ youth in our school. They will host check-ins on the wellbeing of club members, QSA movie nights, educational presentations on queer and activism-related topics, provide queer resources to the community, club discussions on queer topics in media and news, etc.

Club Presidents: Anna Gutrich, Jo Puckett, AJ Balestreri, Vash Johnson

Advisor: Henry.Papa@ashland.k12.or.us



R&R Cypher Club

Wednesdays during lunch in H-31

To cypher, rap, have fun, and to make a community. They will do poetry, practices, analysis, rapping, and writing.

Club Presidents: Aiden Mercer & Nathan Taylor

Advisor: Vanessa.Heckman@ashland.k12.or.us



Robotics Club

Tuesdays after school in SC-4 / IA-4

This club’s purpose is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators. They will attend competitions with a club fabricated, designed, and coolest robot. Community outreach and spreading STEM. 

Club President: Ben Sandow & Clara Dyson

Advisor: Matthew.Sniffen@ashland.k12.or.us





Spanish National Honor Society – Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH)

White Days during lunch in H-33

This club’s purpose is to recognize high school achievement in Spanish and to promote interest in Hispanic studies. They will do community outreach related to Hispanic associations, club-travel for Hispanic culture immersion etc. 

Club Presidents: Ben Sandow & Mirandah Davis-Powell

Advisor: Francisco.LopezAtanes@ashland.k12.or.us



Stich and Kvetch

Mondays during lunch in TH-18

This club’s purpose is to sew, crochet, and knit during lunch. 

Club President: Lola Haynes

Advisor: Jill.Britt@ashland.k12.or.us



Truth to Power

Thursdays during lunch in 203

This club’s purpose is to catalyze community action through teen-realized social justice podcasts and projects. They will participate in podcast production, projects, and community services.

Club Presidents: Isadora Millay & Anya Moore

Advisor: Shane.Abrams@ashland.k12.or.us



Women’s Affinity Group

Tuesdays during TCB in H-37

Women’s Affinity Group (WAG) raises awareness and challenges social norms and school culture to combat sexism, empower women, and valorize femininity. This club will participate in Sexual Assault Awareness, menstruation and free period product education, update health class curriculum, increase female representation around campus, discuss struggles of living in a patriarchy. 

Club Presidents: Parker Greaves & Simone Starbird

Advisor: Kimberley.Healey@ashland.k12.or.us


The Writers and Poets Club

Thursdays during lunch in EN-1

The writers and Poets Club is a safe and welcoming space for writers of any kind to practice the craft and appreciate/discuss literature. It is a casual and inclusive environment. All are welcome! They will read and discuss pieces of poetry and prose, welcome guest speakers and do writing prompts, optionally sharing their writing with a supportive and encouraging group. 

Club Presidents: Gracie Yaconelli & Keagen Brooks-Torres

Advisor: Nancy.Martin@ashland.k12.or.us



Young Conservatives Club

Fridays during lunch in H-32

This club’s purpose is to bring conservative opinions and viewpoints to high schoolers who are interested in the conservative side of politics. The will talk and celebrate political topics and current events. Anyone is welcome; students do not need to be conservative to join. 

Club Presidents: Giovanni Navarrette & Julietta Longiotti

Advisor: Peter.Bolling@ashland.k12.or.us



Youth Wellness Initiative

Tuesdays during lunch in H-39

This club’s purpose is to advocate & promote overall wellbeing to and for the student body. They plan to host fun activities and workshops related to mental health and wellness. 

Club Presidents: Ava Code & TJ Downing

Advisor: Kimberley.Wasserman@ashland.k12.or.us