Language Arts (English)

English Department Philosophy

Language makes us human. In order to realize our potential, we must understand the ways in which we, and others, express that humanity. Writing in a variety of forms, articulating our beliefs in clear ways, reading the best of our literary heritage, thinking out the connections between language and thought, literature and culture…these activities form the center of any worthwhile English class. Believing that only a self-conscious pursuit of literary and linguistic maturity is likely to produce true wisdom, the members of the Ashland High School English department attempt to dedicate all their efforts to raising their students’ expectations for themselves.


  • English 9 (9th Grade)

  • English 10 (10th Grade)


  • AP English Composition (and Advanced Southern Credit)

  • AP Literature (and Advanced Southern Credit)

  • Creative Writing & Literature

  • Dramatic Literature: Modern Plays

  • Literature Through Sociology

  • Pace English

  • Politics and Literature

  • Shakespearean Literature

  • Women's Literature

  • Writing & Literature

English Support:

  • Reading & Writing Support

  • Reading & Writing Lab

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