Student Affinity Groups

Asian Student Union (ASU)

Thursdays during lunch in TH-216

To provide a safe space of solidarity and community for Asian students at AHS. A place to share your experiences and culture with those you know will understand and listen. Club activities include Asian movie night, promoting Asian artists, authors, and content creators (both within the club and to the AHS campus), Asian literature promotion and reading lists, etc.

Club President: Madeleine Conachy-Chang



Black Student Union (BSU)

Fridays during lunch in 203

The purpose of this club is to bring together black/ melanated students, educate the community, and the empowerment of black students. They  will do volunteering/ community service projects, educational/community building activities, trips, local activism, and provide leadership opportunities.

Club Presidents: Abbey Lambert & Zaire Coltier



Latinx Student Union

Mondays during lunch in H-33

To create a safe space for students of Latin/Hispanic descent. They will share and educate about difficulties that the Latinx community faces.

Club President: Eva Mitchell-Vargas


Native American Student Union (NASU)

We are meeting in H-15 now (every other Wednesday) with our next meeting being 1/12. Every other Wednesday during lunch in H-15

The purpose of NASU is to promote cultural and political awareness among all communities, service as a safe space to develop (or further develop) identity, and increase awareness of Native American students and peoples. We hope members gain a stronger sense of community and pride in their culture and heritage. Club activities include meetings, events, community outreach, cultural celebration events, collaborate with other infinity groups to create a more cohesive, diverse cultural environment.

Advisors: & 

Queer Straight Alliance

Wednesdays during lunch in 205

This club’s purpose is to foster a caring and safe place for LGBTQ youth in our school. They will host check-ins on the wellbeing of club members, QSA movie nights, educational presentations on queer and activism-related topics, provide queer resources to the community, club discussions on queer topics in media and news, etc.

Club Presidents: Anna Gutrich, Jo Puckett, AJ Balestreri, Vash Johnson



Spanish National Honor Society – Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH)

White Days during lunch in H-33

This club’s purpose is to recognize high school achievement in Spanish and to promote interest in Hispanic studies. They will do community outreach related to Hispanic associations, club-travel for Hispanic culture immersion etc.

Club Presidents: Ben Sandow & Mirandah Davis-Powell