Student Affinity Groups

Asian Student Union
Co-Presidents: Sophie French, Secoya Joaquin
Advisor: Shu Wen Chang
Red Thursdays at Lunch
Room H-33
Purpose: The purpose of ASU is to create a safe environment to a minority group, as well as making a space to bond and have fun.
Activities: Organize events for AAPL month, celebrate Lunar New Year

Black Student Union
Co-Presidents: Abigail Lambert, Zaire Coltier
Advisor: Becca Laroi
Fridays at Lunch
Room 203
Purpose: Bring together black and melanated students, educate the community, and the empowerment of Black Students.
Activities: Volunteering, educational/community building activities, trips, leadership opportunities, bonding gatherings

Latin Student Union
Advisor: Max Malcomb
Purpose: To create a safe space for students of Latin/Hispanic descent. They will share and educate about difficulties that the Latinx community faces.

Native American Student Union
President: TeMaia Wiki
Advisor: Bryanna Bates
Mondays at Lunch
Room H-15
Purpose: Provide a space for indigenous students to engage in cultural activities
Activities: Canoe installation, educate on historical indigenous movements, engage in cultural activities (beading, etc.)

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)
President: Vashti Johnson
Advisors: John Joranco and Cambria Floren
Thursdays at Lunch
Room 204
Purpose: Create a safe space for LGBTQ and ally students to gather and to spread awareness on campus. This is one of the school's affinity groups already established on campus.
Activities: Movie nights, fundraisers, t-shirts, etc.

Spanish Honor Society
Co-Presidents: Celia Bertand, Abigail Lambert
Advisor: Francisco Lopez-Atanes
Every other Monday at Lunch
Room H-34
Purpose: To recognize academic achievement in Spanish and to promote Hispanic studies
Activities: Community outreach/service

Women's Affinity Group
Co-Presidents: Parker Greaves, Simone Starbird
Advisor: Kimberley Healey
Tuesdays at Lunch
Room H-39
Purpose: Women's Affinity Group (WAG) raises awareness and challenges social norms and school culture to combat sexism, empower women, and valorize femininity.
Activities: Sexual assault awareness, menstruation and free period products education, update health class curriculum, increase female representation around campus, discuss struggles of living in a patriarchy.