Creative, Performing, & Visual Arts

If you have a love for music, performing arts, or the creative industries, we will help you harness and develop your talent. Our programs offer all students a chance to succeed. If you aspire for a career in the arts, our classes will help you establish the necessary foundation and develop formal qualifications.


  • Creative Music Making

  • Introduction to Guitar

  • Music in Film

  • Music Theory


  • Chamber Winds

  • Jazz Band

  • Jazz Lab

  • Percussion Ensemble

  • Symphonic Band

  • Wind Ensemble


  • Chamber Orchestra

  • Concert Orchestra


  • Chamber Choir

  • Concert Choir


  • Advanced Acting

  • Cinema: Classic Famous Films Since 1920

  • Directing

  • Honors Acting Ensemble

  • Honors Tech Class

  • Oregon Shakespeare Theatre Master Class

  • Stage Management & Theatre Arts

  • Theatre 1

  • Theatre 2 - Playwriting & Improvisation

  • Theatre 3 & 4


  • 2D Visual Design

  • 3D Visual Design

  • Art 1

  • Art 2

  • Art Studio

  • Ceramics 1: Clay Basics

  • Ceramics 2: Wheel to the Wall

  • Comic Books 1: Basics

  • Comic Books 2: Comic Book Biz

  • Digital Media

  • Digital Photography 1

  • Digital Photography 2

  • Drawing

  • Graphic Design 1

  • Graphic Design 2 (A) - Adobe Illustrator

  • Graphic Design 2 (B) - Adobe Photoshop

  • Graphic Design 2 (C) - Adobe Indesign

  • Graphic Design 3 - Screen Printing

  • Graphic Design 4 - Independent Study

  • Rogue News (Newspaper)

  • Painting

  • Video 1

  • Visual Design Wheel

  • Yearbook

Insurance Verification*

Schools are continually concerned about the safety of students. This concern is intensified in those instances where class activities involve the use of power machinery. Teachers in these courses take special care to supervise machine operation, outline prescribed safety procedures, and instruct in the proper use of the apparatus involved. Despite these precautions, accidents can still occur. In recognition of this fact, the School District has instigated the following regulation:

·         Any student enrolled in a class where potentially harmful machinery is utilized must provide verification that they are covered by insurance that would be applicable in the case of a classroom mishap or accident.

To comply with the regulation, an Insurance Verification Form must be completed and signed by the appropriate parent, and filed in the Principal’s office by ALL students in the indicated courses.

To view the Oregon Department of Education's standards and assessments for the arts, click on:

Ashland High Arts Advocates

Ashland High Arts Advocates (AHAA)

Ashland High Arts Advocates (AHAA) originally began as an arts booster club in 1991 at Ashland High School, in Ashland, Oregon.

Today, AHAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Through partnerships with personal, corporate, and institutional donors, as well as it's annual Winter Fine Arts Festival, AHAA raises funds to support arts programs, teachers and students in the Ashland public schools.

AHAA is a volunteer-led non-profit which advocates and raises funds to support Ashland, Oregon area public schools arts programs, teachers and students. AHAA was created out of the huge need to make the arts accessible and equitable for K-12 youth, especially low-income & specific needs youth. Through annual fundraisers, AHAA funds summer programs, teacher grants, guest artists, needed equipment, and organizes the largest annual youth showcase in Ashland. Each year, AHAA provides thousands of dollars in summer arts scholarships to students, as well as annual operational grants to teachers.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, big and small, please contact AHAA as soon as possible!