Internships & Apprenticeships

Learning in the Real World


At any point in the year, students may choose to engage in some authentic experience that goes beyond their ordinary class load.  Internships provide outstanding opportunities for students to engage with their community while gaining exposure to possible career choices and experiences that may help them land jobs in the future.  Through the AHS Internship program, students can have that experience while earning credits toward graduation at the same time.

Members of our community have agreed to provide students experiences in areas that include:

  • Health Care services

  • Veterinary Care

  • Park and Recreation programs and services

  • Retail services

  • Film Festival production

  • Environmental Education and Restoration

  • Legal Services

  • Geographic Information

  • Systems services

  • Early Childhood Education Services

  • And many more!!!

It is also possible for students to recruit placement sites to suit their own unique needs to be working with the AHS internship coordinator.

Don’t let these opportunities slip away. If you desire more information about the next steps, or if you are aware of other valuable placement opportunities for our students please contact the College & Career Center!


An apprentice is a paid worker enrolled in a special training program.The training program is a partnership between employers and the trade union.Apprentices learn their trade through a combination of on-the-job-training and classroom / technical instruction. Career apprenticeships usually last between 2.5 and 5.5 years. Pay is gradually increased over the length of the apprenticeship until the trainee reaches full trades person (journey) level. Union apprenticeship programs meet federally approved standards relating to job duties, classroom instruction, wages, and safety and health conditions. Employers know that a journey level trades person is the best qualified for the job.

There are a variety of different apprenticeships in the construction trades. They include:

  • Architectural Iron Worker

  • Heavy Equipment Operator

  • Brick & Stone Mason

  • Iron Worker

  • Bricklayer

  • Laborer

  • Carpenters

  • Painters / decorators

  • Cement Mason

  • Plasterer

  • Ceramic Tile Finisher

  • Plumbers / Pipe-fitters

  • Ceramic Tile Layer

  • Roofer / Waterproofer

  • Drywall Finisher

  • Sheet-metal Worker

  • Electricians

  • Sprinkler Fitter

  • Glazier

  • Structural Iron Worker

  • Heat & Frost Insulator

  • Tuckpointer

To learn more about apprenticeship programs in Oregon go to: