PBIS Behavior Matrix

Behavior expectations

Below are the rules we follow everywhere, on our playground and in our restrooms:

School Rules & expectations: Guidelines for Success

All the time /Everywhere



Playground equipment


  • Hands and feet to self

  • If in a group, stay together with the group

  • Children must be in supervised area at all times (i.e., where an adult can see you)

  • Flush after use

  • Wash hands w/ soap

  • Use toilet, sink, towel and soap appropriately

  • Upper playground is not open for afternoon recess

  • Use equipment safely

  • Skateboards, rollerblades, roller shoes, bikes and scooters are not to be ridden

  • Climb on climbing structure only --

  • Boulders are off-limits

  • Play tag and catch games in the field only

  • Wrestling and tackling games are not allowed

  • PE type equipments is allowed in the fields and blacktop area only

  • Transport bats safely

  • First person in a game line acts as the referee if needed

  • Avoid running through the middle of games.

  • Jump ropes for jumping only


  • One push is allowed then the pusher moves to the green safety area

  • Do not spin wildly. No “super spins”

  • No jumping off or underdogs on swings

  • On regular swings, bottom/tummy is okay as long as safety is in placeSingle person on swings

  • No twisting on swings

Play structure:

  • Walk on top of or around the structure. Remain in the inside of the structure

  • Go in one direction on the slide: DOWN. Sit on your bottom when going down slides and do not stop on the slide

  • No more than two people on the bouncer

  • Do not lift other children on to equipment

  • Only those who can reach the bars or glider can play on them.

  • Keep jump rope out of play structure area

Tire Swing:

  • Tire swings can have a maximum of three children at a time. Legs need to be in the center and hands on.

  • Stay on the green surface around tire swing -- it indicates a safe area away from the playground equipment.


  • Appropriate Language

  • Wait for your turn to speak

  •  Listen actively

  • Leave promptly

  • Respect privacy

  • Playground equipment stays outside

  • Be a good sport

  • Follow directions given by playground supervisors without argument

  • Take turns

  • Children waiting for a turn to swing can count to 120 slowly then ask the swinger to give them a turn


  • Take care of your surroundings

  • Keep areas clean

  • Be on time (go directly)

  • Only use towel and TP needed

  • Put trash in trash can

  • Keep water in the sink

  • Report problems to adults

  • When the bell rings, stop activity and enter the building

  • Keep the playground clean

  • Do not take a ball away from a game already in play