Grant Program

The Walker Grant Program came about in 2012 with the help of former PTO members and Walker Parents. Our success at raising funds for the purpose of enhancing our children’s education had become so successful we were challenged to find new ways to offer support to the School Community.
Teachers and Staff members can use a quick and easy grant application to provide information about the project/field trip they would like funded. The application goes to the Principal for approval and once approved is voted on at the next PTO meeting.
Grant Application Guidelines
Grant Application
Walker PTO is excited to have been able to approve the following Grants during the 2016-17 school year:

  • Button Making Machine- Julie Grantham

  • Drumming Instructor for Kindergartners- Kouba, Theresa, Leilani

  • Siskiyou Field Institute Overnight Field Trip for 4th graders- Dylana and Jennifer

  • Screenagers showing at the movie Theater for all elementary schools- Tiffany Burns

  • Library Book Repair Kit- Julie Grantham

  • Read at Home Bags for 1st and 2nd graders- Kacy Cuddy

  • Stories Alive! for all students- Tiffany Burns

  • Pixel Kit and Motion Sensor Kit- Joanne Cyphers