Frequently Asked Questions

Planning for next year

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the timeline for classroom configuration and placement?
We post classes after teachers return in the fall. Teachers place new students, withdraw students who have left and balance classes. Check the website's calendar for when classes are posted for this school year.

What different classes will be offered next year?
It is our goal to offer two classes per grade level. Enrollment numbers influence how many classes we can offer and upon occasion we are forced to offer split grade classes to accommodate enrollment.

How is my child placed in a classroom for next year?
Teachers and specialists at Walker take a lot of time and energy placing students in their classes for next year. Taking into consideration all the information a parent supplies on the Intent to Return Form we place students with the best match for the next year in teacher style, structure and students. We try hard to balance all classes so a class does not have too many high needs students or only high or low academic students. We also balance boy/girl ratio and other factors while trying to meet the requests of parents for friends, etc.


Why don’t you place every student with the teacher the parent has requested?

Teachers know all the students very well and apply that knowledge when placing students into a new classroom. Knowing the needs of each student, teachers are able to balance classes so no one class has one type of student, whether it be high needs or high ability. The goal is to create classes that have many styles, abilities, and behaviors so all students learn from working with each other.


What if I want to change class placement in the fall or midyear?

We strongly discourage class changes. The classroom placement process is a delicate, intensive and serious process in which teachers and specialist spend many hours placing students in classrooms. We believe we can make the best decision for the needs of individual students while balancing the needs of classrooms and the school.


When do I register for the next year?

Come to Walker to update your registration forms and contact information. All students must have an updated registration with a parent signature each year.


Will there be summer school?

Summer School is offered when funding is available. Usually we invite Title 1 and ELL students to participate in the three weeks at the end of summer. If space is available other current students grade 1-3 may opt to participate.