Update 8/31/23

We are no longer using Titan/Linq company, do not make deposits online and if you receive an email from Titan/Linq please ignore. We are working on getting this issue resolved.

Our meal payment and application processing system has changed. We are no longer using Titan. Your student accounts, including account balance, has all been rolled over to mealtime. If you had an account with Titan for online payments, it has been closed.

You will need to set up a new account for your students in the mealtime system.

You will be prompted to set up a username and password.

Your students will be identified with the same student body number they used for Titan and for Powerschool. That number is the same as long as they are students within the Ashland school district.

If you do not have that number, you can get it from the office at your school, or reach out to nutrition services directly at

Once you have an account set up you will be able to add funds to your students account, or apply for free or reduced meal benefits.

Note, if you already had an account set up with Mealtime from 4 years ago, that account information is no longer valid and you need to set up a new account.