Drop-Off and Pick-UP

Student Drop-Off and Pick-up: AMS and our neighbor, Trails Outdoor School make for a great deal of congestion before and after school.  If possible, please try to use the school bus, car pool, walk, or ride bikes, skateboards or scooters to school (saves gas, helps the environment and provides exercise!). 

If driving, please try to use the AMS main parking lot.  The upper parking lot closest to the tracks is the Trail’s School parking lot and not a student Drop-Off and Pick-Up area for AMS. 

Another valuable tip is to come down Walker street in order to make a right-hand turn into the parking lots, as often times trying to turn left and cross the traffic is very difficult when traffic is backed-up (especially after school).

The bus ramp for all students is located behind the large gym and should not be used to pick-up students. The bus area is closed to other traffic when buses are present (7:45-8:45am; 2:30-3:30pm).  After 3:30pm, parents   may park in the bus area to attend events.

Please use extreme caution during our periods of congestion: 8:15—8:40 & 3:05-3:25pm

DROPPING OFF STUDENTS SAFELY:  Do not drop students off...

  AT the bus ramp: The bus ramp is to remain clear at all times.  Please do not use the bus ramp as a  
  drop-off and/or  pick-up area. 


At the cross-walks: This is not a drop-off zone.  Please pull into the parking lot to let your child out
safely or drop them off at a less congested area of the street and have them walk to the cross walk.

AMS Campus Supervision Times & Procedures
Campus Supervision starts as scheduled below:

Monday-Thursday:                                                   Friday:
7:45am: Library & Middle gym, open                    7:45am: Library & Middle gym, open
8:00am: Commons & Cafeteria, open                   8:30am: Commons & Cafeteria, open
8:15am: Main Hall, open                                          8:50am: Main Hall, open
Students may go to their lockers when the first bell rings (8:33 a.m. Monday -Thursday & 9:23 a.m. Fridays).

Monday - Friday:  Before 8:30 A.M. students must have a pass to see a teacher. If a student does not
have a pass, they may go to the office and request to see a teacher. The office will contact the teacher to see if they
are available. If the teacher is available a pass will be given to the student.

Wednesdays:  Teachers are in meetings and will not be available to see students after school without an appointment.