The Oregon Department of Education publishes mathematics standards for K-8 students. Please visit Oregon's Common Core State Standards - Mathematics for detailed information:

Ashland Middle School (AMS) offers Integrated Math, Integrated Math – Pre-Algebra, and Integrated Math - Algebra.  Our Integrated Math program is aligned with the Oregon math standards and maintains multiple pathways for students to progress their understandings of advanced mathematical concepts.  

In traditional instruction, math concepts are taught in isolation.  A teacher may present a geometry formula, assess on it, and then move on to another concept; not revisiting what was taught for months, or even a year.  The integrated approach blends multiple concepts (just like how math is used in real life) and revisits those concepts repeatedly throughout the year. This approach enables students to see how different mathematical concepts relate to one another which leads to a deeper understanding of math as a whole. The integrated approach also requires students to apply their knowledge of various mathematical concepts to solve problems, helping students develop stronger problem-solving skills.

The Integrated Math classes are scaffolded to meet students’ needs with multiple levels of instruction, application, resources, and assessment.  This allows for a more rigorous curriculum that supports students in ways they learn mathematics best. When questions concerning placement arise, AMS uses data such as student grades, diagnostic scores, placement tests, and the student’s overall learning habits to determine the best fit.  Mastery of all domains and diagnostics with scores one or more grade levels in advance are indicators educators look to.

Include in your email the name of the student, the grade level they will be entering (9th, 10th, 11th or 12th), the name of the last math class the student took, and which testing date they plan to attend.

Mastery Level in each integrated course allows students to explore advanced content in the subsequent grade levels.  Students completing Mastery work in Integrated Math – Algebra are working at a high school level.   Students who consistently demonstrate Mastery Level in their student habits, class work and assessment will be recommended to the Integrated Math honors program at Ashland High School.  Click on this link to see the multiple pathways, in math, from grade 6 through to graduation.  Every pathway provided by Ashland School District is a college bound pathway.

We are committed to continuous improvement to make the mathematics program a more empowering and inclusive learning experience for our students, following the philosophy of the Oregon Mathways Initiative.  “The vision of the Oregon Mathways initiative is to strengthen the mathematical capacity of Oregon students while concurrently providing more options for students to pursue mathematics content that aligns closely with their learning and career goals.”  To see more, visit the Oregon Math Project webpage.
Click here for more information regarding Common Core Mathematics.

Math Flow Chart from Course Guide 23-24