Office Procedures

AMS Office Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Messages & Deliveries: It's very difficult to get messages or deliveries to students (not to mention a disruption of class time). If your student has forgotten an item at home and needs you to deliver it to school, please advise them to pick up their deliveries from the office. You may leave items at either the Attendance Office or Main Office, just communicate to your student where they should pick it up. Messages are also very difficult to deliver in a timely fashion, so please work with your child to ensure good communication about appointments and after school plans and save celebrations for after school. Another option is to leave a message on your child's cell phone for them to check at the end of the day. Students are also able to use the student phones available in the office or they may be permitted to use their teacher's phone. If there is a family emergency, please call the school office.
Attendance Procedures: Please call the Attendance Office (541-482-1611, ext. 3104) if your student will be late, leaving early or absent for the day. Also, if your child is leaving campus during school hours or arriving late, they must sign-in or out at the Attendance Office.
Visiting During the Day: When visiting AMS, please check in at the Attendance or Main office. Visitors are required to have a visitor's pass.
PowerSchool: PowerSchool allows you to review your child's academic progress and attendance online. By October 1st you will receive your password and instructions via mail on how to access your child's grades.