William Beckett, or Beckett as he is known to most everyone here at AMS, is in his 1st year as the Science teacher on the Manzanita team. Born in Ashland, Beckett lived here until he was 7 when his parents were killed in a small plane crash, and he and his siblings moved in with his aunt and uncle in West Linn. A 2016 graduate of Northern Arizona University, he has a degree in secondary education and taught four years at a charter school in Flagstaff before coming home to Ashland and completing the Environmental Outdoor Education Program here at SOU in 2021. After a year of subbing in the Medford School District, he landed the job here at AMS.

About AMS, he says, “I really enjoy it here! I feel like we are allowed to experiment with new ideas and pedagogies and the administration is supportive of that. The support systems in place here for staff and students are remarkable. I have a fellow science teacher who stops by almost every day to check in on me and my lesson plans. Student-wise, I love the 7/8 model and am happy to get this year’s 7th graders back again next year.”

We’re happy Beckett made his way back to Ashland and hope he’ll be here for a long time.