Tree and Shrub Identification

Tree and Shrub Identification Cards for the
Cascade Siskiyou National Monument

Service Learning/Sustainability Project
Sue Pindell - 3rd/4th grade Explorers

 The Explorers' spring social studies topic was U.S. Geography.  Our simulated U.S. trip focused on national parks and historic sites across the nation.  We studied the uniqueness of the geography and events that shaped our history. Bringing the concepts closer to home, we studied the Table Rocks and Cascade Siskiyou National Monument.  With both of these, we traveled there in person.  The ID card we made were for the BLM. The three sets of laminated cards will be put on large rings and are to be displayed at the Greensprings office/trailhead for the monument. People can learn about the varied species of trees and shrubs that make the area so special and part of why it is designated a monument.  The samples here are black and white, but the actual results were brilliantly colorful and very striking.
The computer skills that the students learned were valuable, the finished product was useful and looked great, and the collaboration with the BLM demonstrated how local organizations and citizens can work in the best interest   of our own backyard.

Tree and Shrub Identification.pdf

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