Home School Support

Home schooling can be a challenging, sometimes misunderstood educational choice. An important goal at Willow Wind is to provide families with a support network to nurture and assist one another. Willow Wind serves as a supplement to the real work and play of home schooling, which is based in the home with the family, and part time students. Willow Wind strives to provide meaningful support for home schooling and part time families of diverse beliefs and educational philosophies. Willow Wind respects the parent's role as facilitator and fellow learner, and parental involvement in classes and activities is encouraged.

Willow Wind offers the following options to home schooling and part time families:

  • Classes provide children the chance to work in groups where they able share ideas and challenge each other's thinking. Home schooling families who wish to participate at Willow Wind may choose classes to augment their home-based curriculum. PLEASE NOTE: If a student enrolls in classes which are in the academic areas requiring state assessments the students will participate in the Oregon State Assessments.

  • Social and recreational opportunities give families the chance to come together to play, develop community bonds, socialize, and enjoy group activities. Willow Wind is a multi-age environment where every child in a family is welcome.  We believe children benefit from interactions with babies, peers, and children older than themselves.

  • Home school resources and a resource library are available for families. Books and materials are accessible and available for check out.

  • Curriculum counseling allows families to discuss specific questions about developmentally appropriate resources and learning experiences. Conferences with a member of the Willow Wind staff can be scheduled.

Home school and part time families are required to:

  1. Register with the Southern Oregon Educational Service District (ESD).

  2. Educate themselves about the Oregon home schooling laws.

  3. Enroll student in classes, which they can responsibly attend.

  4. Facilitate student's timely and regular attendance.

  5. Maintain communication with instructors and address any issues that may arise in a timely manner.

To register with the Southern Oregon Educational Service District (ESD) please contact or visit:
    Address:    101 North Grape Street    Medford, OR 97501
    Phone:       541.776.8590 / 800.636.7450
    Fax:           541.779.2018

Oregon Department of Education home school information: