Students who have a true understanding of math know more than isolated facts and procedures. They know why a mathematical idea is important and the contexts in which it is useful. Willow Wind uses the Math Expressions Common Core Houghton Mifflin curriculum for grades K-5 and Core Focus for grades 6-8. 

Each of these curriculums is problem-centered and is designed to engage students by making sense of mathematical ideas, helping them to process the mathematics in a retrievable way. The focus of instruction is on mathematical thinking and reasoning.

As a natural part of their everyday mathematics work, students will explore problems in depth, develop problem-solving strategies, represent their thinking using models, diagrams, and graphs, and develop mathematical fluency, efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

Strong partnerships between parents and teachers promote student learning in mathematics. Parents play an important role in helping students develop knowledge, skills, and confidence with mathematics. A strong partnership between parents and teachers encourages and promotes student learning.

The Oregon Department of Education's K-8 mathematics standards can be viewed at: