After submitting an Inquiry Form, Families interested in attending Willow Wind will meet with an administrative representative for an interview to determine if the program is a good placement for the student. Willow Wind serves students who are individually approved for placement consistent with the district’s board policies regarding placement. Students attending Willow Wind are those whose educational needs and interests are best served by participation in the program in accordance with OAR 581-022-2505 (5)(C) and ORS 336.615.Students will be evaluated for acceptance according to selection criteria, which includes a case management review.


After being accepted into the program, students will be enrolled according to the following priorities:

  1. Returning students

  2. Siblings of returning students

  3. New Ashland School District residents

  4. New students on inter-district transfers

If Willow Wind reaches full enrollment, a waiting list of eligible students will be established. Eligible students will be placed on the waiting list according to the priorities listed above. A lottery will be held for each area of priority on the waiting list before the close of the school year. After the initial registration of enrolled students, students on the waiting list may enroll in classes which are open and still have space available. Students who have been wait listed but participate in an open class will be eligible for full enrollment as space becomes available.

Verification of residency is required when enrolling a child in the Ashland School District. Eligible students not living within the Ashland School District boundaries must apply for an inter-district transfer from their home district.

Families that are homeschooling their children may enroll part-time at Willow Wind Community Learning Center. In order to participate in this Ashland School District program, a homeschooled student:

  1. Cannot be enrolled as a full-time public school student;

  2. Must be registered as a homeschooler with the Southern Oregon Education Service District (ESD);

  3. Participate in no more than eight (8) hours of privately paid educational programs per week.

Homeschooling students must be residents of Ashland to enroll. Homeschooled students residing out of the Ashland School District are eligible to participate by paying tuition.

Ashland School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, disability, marital status, sex sexual orientation or age in providing education or access to benefits of education services, activities and programs in accordance with Title VI, Title VII, Title IX and other civil rights or discrimination issues; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; and the Americans with Disabilities Act.