Reading and Writing

Encouraging students to become enthusiastic readers and writers is central to Willow Wind. Students are provided with language-rich activities that develop oral language proficiency, immersion into a print-rich environment to develop and foster a love of reading, as well as many opportunities to read individually. Direct reading instruction helps students develop as effective, proficient readers.  K-5 Willow Wind teachers use the National Geographic REACH for Reading curriculum.  In addition, literacy activities are integrated into many classes such as, Readers Theater, Stories and Watercolors, Nature Writing, and Kids Magazine. Upper School students (grades 6 – 8) read challenging and inspiring literature and use their reading skills for acquiring information.

Teachers are able to carefully observe students, provide appropriate literacy instruction, and monitor progress. As students develop and become more fluent, the focus of instruction turns from helping them learn to read and write to helping them read and write to learn. Parents and families are expected to be active partners in student literacy. Practice, support, and encouragement help students develop into enthusiastic, motivated readers and writers.

The Oregon Department of Education has established standards for English Language proficiency for grades K-8. The standards address Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

For detailed information on the standards and to find additional resources, please CLICK HERE.