High School Options

Willow Wind currently offers a high school option for self-motivated high school aged students who wish to tailor their educational experience to better suit their own personal goals and learning style.

Students interested in pursuing a high school diploma are considered full time students of the Ashland School District and must adhere to the following District guidelines:

  1. Students pursing a high school diploma may not transfer from Ashland High School to Willow Wind.

  2. Students must be enrolled in the Willow Wind Parent Partner Program.

  3. 9th & 10th grade: Students may enroll in a maximum of 28 credits. A maximum of 16 credits can be earned at Willow Wind and the remaining credits can be earned at Ashland High School. A minimum of one class and a maximum of three classes must be taken at Ashland High School each semester. Students cannot earn more than 7 credits per semester.

  4. 11th & 12th grade: Students must enroll and attend Ashland High School full time.

It is the responsibility of families interested in this program to schedule and meet with the Willow Wind administrator to create a plan to meet all the requirements listed above.

Students who choose not to pursue a high school diploma, and choose learning experiences solely to fit their personal interests may enroll in a few classes at Ashland High School. These classes are not credited towards a diploma. Students must remain registered as a homeschooler with the Education Service District (ESD).  Students must document their progress in this program through portfolios and personal evaluations.

Students who are motivated, self-aware, inquisitive, independent learners who can communicate effectively and ask for help when needed would succeed and benefit from these options.