Enrollment Criteria

Willow Wind is designed to serve the needs of students who thrive in a learning environment that encourages student choice and provides opportunities for students to be actively involved in developing learning options. With choice, comes responsibility and students must take responsibility for their learning and behavior. Students enrolled in alternative education programs are those who educational needs and interests are best served by participation in such programs (OAR 581‐022‐1350(5)).

Eligible students must have the ability to focus and produce work during unstructured time and easily transition between multiple teachers and groups of students. Willow Wind serves self‐motivated learners who are able to define their own interests, learning styles and take charge of their own education with the assistance of a certified teacher who is familiar with grade level expectations.

Eligible students must follow guidelines for appropriate behavior while attending Willow Wind. Willow Wind is not an appropriate placement for students who cannot follow the rules independently with positive supports provided by the teacher. Students attending Willow Wind must participate in a manner that reflects their desire to be at the school. Parents of eligible students must have a real desire to be actively involved in the education of their children. The program is designed to be a partnership between families and public school.

Homeschooling families, who wish to participate, may choose classes to augment their home‐based curriculum. If any of the chosen classes contain academic areas requiring state assessments, the homeschooling student agrees to participate in the state mandated assessments. It is the family's responsibility to educate themselves about the state of Oregon homeschooling laws and regulations. All homeschooling families must register with the Education Service District (ESD).