The Oregon Department of Education's K-8 mathematics standards can be viewed at:

Math in Grades K-5

Students in kindergarten through fifth grades are taught mathematics using an open-source curriculum developed in New York state to meet the national Common Core standards called Engage New York.  This curriculum was designed to promote a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through opportunities to explore, explain, draw and write. 
The entire math curriculum is available online at:
For Oakdale, California school district’s website, which includes Engage New York math homework answers and video tutorials, CLICK HERE offers a great article on how Engage New York math curriculum offers students knowledge that will serve them beyond any test. To read this article, CLICK HERE

Math in Grades 6-8

Students in sixth through eighth grades throughout the district are taught mathematics using a Common Core-focused curriculum called “Core Focus.”  There are three texts per grade level, each focusing on multiple clusters of standards in the Common Core and collectively addressing the complete grade level standards.  
All texts can be accessed at the Core Focus on Math website. In addition to the textbook pages, this website contains video tutorials for each lesson and printable copies of assigned or additional practice worksheets.

To access Core Focus on Math resources, CLICK HERE 
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