About Our School


The John Muir Outdoor School opened its doors in the fall of 2006. Part of the Ashland School District, this program provides academically challenging education for children in kindergarten through eighth grade with an emphasis on natural science, traditional arts, and music.

Children in the school build relationships with the natural world through planting, hiking, sketching and spending time outdoors. They hone skills of observation, theorization, inference and synthesis by watching, discussing, and interacting with nature. They experience the outdoors in rain, snow and sunny weather and learn to walk comfortably through the woods. They develop skills to record their observations and ideas in poems, essays, narratives, painting and drawing.

Study outside the classroom occurs through day trips for the youngest members of the school to backpacking trips for the oldest. Children learn to study plants and animals without harm, interference, or negative environmental impact. Stewardship remains part of their lifelong relationship with nature.

Music, laughter, dance, drama, and art are regular components of the school week. They are essential curricular skills as well as extensions of learning serving as response to knowledge and concepts.

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"Who publishes the sheet-music of the winds or the music of water written in river-lines?"    John Muir