Attendance and Tardy Policy

Consistent attendance is essential to your child's educational progress. Frequent absences and habitual tardiness disrupt not only your child's daily program but it can interrupt the learning of others. In accordance with ORS 339.925, all school-aged children are required to attend school unless exempted by law. Please plan vacations during school breaks. Additionally, regular good attendance positively affects the school’s standing on state and federal education report cards. If your child is absent or tardy more than three days within a month you will receive a letter reminding you of the importance of regular attendance.

The district’s Attendance Specialist may contact families who are having difficulty with regular attendance and/or tardiness. The beginning of the school day is an important part of your child's day
and sets the educational stage for the rest of the day. Being on time to school develops an important habit and builds responsibility. Should your child be absent due to illness or family appointments, please call the office as early as you can. If we do not hear from you, the school will call
to verify the absence. If no contact by phone is made, your child must have a written note explaining the absence upon returning to school to qualify as a possible excused absence. If your child is subject to a prolonged period of illness, please contact the principal to discuss options for providing continuance of your child's education while away from school.

Excused absences

The Ashland School District has established the following parameters under which an absence from school will be considered an EXCUSED absence:

  • Personal or Family Illness

  • Mental or Behavioral Health Absence

  • Military Dependent Absence

  • Medical or Health Care Appointment

  • Death of a Loved One or Family

  • Emergency

  • Religious Holidays and Instruction

  • School-Sponsored Absence

  • Court Appearance

Mental Health Day

Student absences due to mental or behavioral health are not to exceed five days in any three-month period. School Office Managers / Attendance Secretaries monitor the use of this excused absence. Absences of more than three days by any one student require Office Manager / Attendance Secretary notification to the principal.

Military Dependent Absence

Students who are dependents of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces who is on active duty or who is called to active duty may be excused for up to seven days during a school year.

Religious Based Absence

Any student who because of his or her religious beliefs is unable to attend classes on a particular day shall be excused from attendance requirements and from any examination or other assignment on that day. The student shall make up the examination or other assignment missed because of such absence. The absence is excused and will not result in exclusion, failure, or reduction of grade based upon a certain number of days. OAR 581-021-0045. Please notify the school in advance.

Through prior arrangement with the front office, a child attending the public school may be excused from school for periods not exceeding two hours in any week for elementary pupils and five hours in any week for secondary pupils to attend weekday schools giving instruction in religion. ORS 339.420.

Parents/Guardians will have two school days after an absence occurs to excuse the absence(s). The Parent/Guardian must notify the school regarding each day the student is absent. This can be done by a phone call to the Main Office at 541-482-8577, by sending a signed note, or via email at Students leaving due to an appointment/illness during class-time must first check out in the Main Office. Students arriving late in the morning, after lunch, or who are returning from an appointment, must also check in at the Main Office prior to returning to class, otherwise the absence will be unexcused.

Absences of more than three consecutive days that are due to illness may require follow up with the school nurse and/or verification from a health care provider.​

Pre-Arranged Absence

If a student plans to miss two days or more of school for any reason they need to contact the Office Manager and their student’s classroom teacher. This allows teachers to give assignments and approval for the student missing school days. It also allows parents/guardians to learn from their student’s teacher(s) to how this absence could affect their child's grades/learning.

Please be aware that we are governed by state laws that require us to drop a student after 10 days of non-attendance whether this is pre-arranged or not. If you are dropped from your classes we need you to report to the main office in order to be reactivated within our system.

Unexcused Absences

Sometimes families choose to be absent for a personal reason other than those listed above. While we cannot excuse that absence, we can help you minimize the educational impact on your child with advance notice. If you know that your child will be absent for two or more consecutive days of school for reasons other than those listed as excusable, please let the Office Manager and classroom teacher know. The absence will appear on the attendance record as UPA – unexcused pre-arranged.

Examples of Unexcused Absences

  • Truancies or leaving the classroom and not returning

  • Haircut Appointments

  • Capstone Project Related Activities

  • Absences Related to Student’s Personal Appearance

  • Absences whereby the educational benefits do not outweigh the benefits received in school

  • Vacation or Family Trip

Absences Longer Than 10 Consecutive Days

Please be aware that Oregon law require us to drop students after 10 consecutive days of non-attendance, regardless of whether or not it was pre-arranged or due to illness. Students absent for more than 10 consecutive days must report to the main office upon return to be re-enrolled in school. Depending on the nature and length of a pre-arranged absence greater than 10 days, we may be able to maintain your child’s enrollment in TRAILS Outdoor School.


Students who are tardy often miss the most critical portion of a school day or classroom lesson. Frequent tardies have a serious impact on learning and school success. We understand that life happens and sometimes students are late for valid reasons. Student tardies fall under the same guidelines and restrictions as student absences.