Attendance and Tardy Policy

Consistent attendance is essential to your child's educational progress. Frequent absences and habitual tardiness disrupt not only your child's daily program but it can interrupt the learning of others. In accordance with ORS 339.925, all school-aged children are required to attend school unless exempted by law. Please plan vacations during school breaks. Additionally, regular good attendance positively affects the school’s standing on state and federal education report cards. If your child is absent or tardy more than three days within a month you will receive a letter reminding you of the importance of regular attendance.

The district’s Attendance Specialist may contact families who are having difficulty with regular attendance and/or tardiness. The beginning of the school day is an important part of your child's day
and sets the educational stage for the rest of the day. Being on time to school develops an important habit and builds responsibility. Should your child be absent due to illness or family appointments, please call the office as early as you can. If we do not hear from you, the school will call
to verify the absence. If no contact by phone is made, your child must have a written note explaining the absence upon returning to school to qualify as a possible excused absence. If your child is subject to a prolonged period of illness, please contact the principal to discuss options for providing continuance of your child's education while away from school.

2021 Drop off Map

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