Bike/Walk To School

Below you can find a map of safe routes to walk or bike to school every day!

Click on the PDF!


Why?  Because walking/biking/scootering to school is:

Fun - Be with friends, play outside, see deer, raccoon, fox, eat blackberries, walk down into the fog.

Healthy - Encourage a physically active lifestyle at an early age to fight our current epidemic of child obesity and diabetes.

Good for the Environment - Decrease motor vehicle trips which contribute to air pollution, global warming and fossil fuel consumption.

Educational - Learn about safety - how to walk or scooter on the left and bike on the right, cross streets carefully, and watch out for motor vehicles.

Learn about our environment - daily weather patterns, seasons, local happenings.

Save money and buy less gas!


More resources:


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Helman Routes revised1.pdf

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