Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS)

Bellview is a Positive Behavior and Intervention School. That means that as a school we focus on teaching children how to be safe, respectful and responsible across the many different areas of their lives, and acknowledging students for doing the right thing. There are many ways we practice that at Bellview including social skills instruction, expectation stations, monthly assemblies and handing out Bobcat Tickets for positive behaviors we observe children practicing.

Each week students at Bellview participate in Social Skills Lessons using the Second Step curriculum. There are four basic units that each grades study, in varying levels of depth:
1. Learning Skills
2. Empathy
3. Emotion Management
4. Problem Solving

At the end of the month, Bellview holds a "Life Skills" assembly, recognizing students for exemplary behavior or growth in particular areas. Teachers nominate students, and every child will receive an award sometime during the school year. Parents are notified when their child is receiving a Life Skills award and invited to attend. We also use these assemblies as a teaching tool to review and preview skills taught through student and class performances, songs and skits by our famous "bees"- Bee Safe, Bee Respectful and Bee Responsible. You may also see a student guest bee or sometimes even a baby bee! Here are the topics that are addressed at our assemblies month by month:

September: Skills for Learning- Focusing attention

October: Skills for Learning- Be assertive, use self-talk

November: Empathy- Considering other's feelings and perspective

December: Empathy- Showing compassion

January: Emotion Management: Stop, name your feeling, calm down

February: Emotion Management- Calming strong feelings (anger, disappointment, worry etc.)

March: Problem Solving- S-T-E-P using the 4 step process

April: Problem Solving- Problem Solving in action, real examples

May: Year in Review- Highlights from our work this year

June: Good Citizenship- Acknowledging outstanding behavior and attendance

Bee Respectful and Our November Guest Bee