Bellview classrooms brim with activity every school day. Math, reading, science, social studies, art, music, theater, library, technology, field trips, and after-school programs create an academically rich and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

Bellview Staff List

Certified Staff                                                           

Christine McCollom           Principal

Lauren McGowne                Kinder             Room 3

Beth Lawrence                     Kinder            Room 2

Bekkah McAlvage                1st Gr              Room 6

Pam Eddington                    1st Gr              Room 7         

Ingrid Hansen                      2nd Gr             Room 4         

Ellen Gayton                         2nd Gr             Room 5

Maya Voorhies                     3rd Gr              Room 17

Lindsay Gates                       3rd Gr             Room 16                

Cory Carnes                          4th Gr              Room 10

Sheri Preskenis                    4th Gr              Room 11       

Max Schmeling                    5th Gr              Room 12

Angelina Tejada-Ingram     5th Gr              Room 13                            

Sonia Hill                              Site Based     Room 14/15

Christie Adams                     Reading         Room 9

Jeff Mann                              Resource       Room 8         

Michelle Bolinger                CDS                          

Arlene Saum                         Sch. Psych   

Angela Johnson                   P.E.                 Gym

Joleen Nagareda                 Science          Room 18       

Sage Meadows                    Music             Music Room 

Matt Damon                          Library/math  Room 9         

Brittany Whitfield                 Speech

Dylana Garfas                      ELL                 Room 8

Alex Desantis                       Beh. Analyst