Bellview classrooms brim with activity every school day. Math, reading, science, social studies, art, music, theater, library, technology, field trips, and after-school programs create an academically rich and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

2019-2020 Teachers Assignments:

Kindergarten - Mackie Fleming
Kindergarten - Lauren McGowne

First Grade - Rebekkah McAlvage​
First Grade - Pam Eddington

2nd Grade - Ellen Gayton

2nd Grade - Ingrid Hansen
3rd Grade - Maya Voorhies
3rd Grade - Allana Drossos Meadowjames

4th Grade - Cory Carnes

4th Grade - Sheri Preskenis

5th Grade - Max Schmeling
5th Grade - Angelina Tejada-Ingram


Primary Site Based Classroom Teacher - Anita Mendez

Intermediate Site Based Classroom Teacher - Lynda Bell

Special Education - Jeff Mann

Reading Specialists - Christine Adams

Math Specialists - Matt Damon

Music Specialist - Sage Meadows

Physical Education Teacher - Angela Johnson

Child Development Specialist - Michelle Bolinger

Speech and Language Pathologist - Brittany Whitfield

School Psychologist - Kim Hosford